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Top Skincare Essentials for Beautiful Looking Skin

Some women will only settle for a cupboard full of skincare products. For other women, they are quite happy to have just a handful of the top skincare essentials. Although we all have our unique skin concerns, we all require the same skincare basics and vital products in our beauty regimens for beautiful skin. Let us take a look at all the must-have skincare products for good looking skin.

#1. A Cleanser

You should always have a cleanser in your skincare basket. In the morning, a cleanser helps to clean impurities and any residue left from your night cream.

In your nighttime routine, a cleanser helps to remove makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day. Deciding what type of cleanser to use is usually a matter of preference. However, it’s always best to have a cleanser that makes you feel comfortable without drying your skin. Choose between foaming, milky, micellar, or oil cleanser for best results.
If your skin is dry, sensitive, or starting to show some early aging signs, a creamy or milky lotion will be ideal. If you wear lasting makeup or waterproof sunscreen, make a point to use a cleansing oil before your regular cleanser to ensure thoroughly clean skin. Foaming cleansers, on the other hand, are great for normal or oily skin.

For instance, the Intensive Multi-Task Facial Cleanser from Gold Elements is an excellent product for that. This mild and light cleanser foams impressively upon application to help exfoliate, condition, and rebalance your skin. The cleansing process leaves your skin fresh, balanced, and renewed.

#2. An Exfoliator

Once in a while, it’s vital to slough off dead skin cells with an exfoliator. The more we age, the more our natural cell renewal process slows down. When that happens, the skin can start to appear dry or dull looking. An exfoliant works more in-depth than a cleanser to clean off the older cells. Just like other skincare essentials, exfoliants give you a choice on what works best with your skin. A mechanical or chemical exfoliator suits different skin types. A mechanical exfoliator such as a scrub gently buffs away dead skin cells while a chemical exfoliant dissolves the cells. If you suffer breakouts too often or have sun damage, you will do much better with a chemical exfoliant. For people with dry, aging skin, switching between mechanical and chemical exfoliants will achieve better results.

The D’Or Facial Peeling from Gold Elements is a soft and golden facial peel that packs active ingredients to assist in removing those dead skin cells. It also helps clear dirt and unclogs pores. The result is a smooth, rebalanced skin that feels fresh and smooth.

#3. An Eye Cream

The skin around our eyes is overly sensitive compared to the skin on the rest of your body. That sensitivity makes it more prone to wrinkles and the earliest signs of aging. The eye skin area also has fewer oil glands, which means it can benefit from an eye cream that can help keep it moist. When it comes to choosing an eye cream, go for one that addresses your concerns. If you aim to prevent wrinkles, look for an eye cream that contains antioxidants. If you aim to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, go for an eye cream with retinol or hyaluronic acid. If you spend too much time outdoors, make sure to choose an eye cream with an adequate sun protection factor (SPF).

#4. Serum

Serum earns a place in the list of skincare essentials for good reasons. The serum is an important step in any skincare regimen. For instance, if you want to get rid of pigmentation, fine lines, or enlarged pores, a serum is the perfect go-to product.

Serums are efficient since they pack powerful active ingredients than your typical moisturizer. With such components, they tend to work harder to resolve skin concerns. For best results, use a serum in both your morning and night routines. Also, apply your serum after your cleanser and the rest of your products but before your moisturizer.

The Age Treatment Face Serum is just one of some revolutionary serums from Gold Elements. This popular product packs a unique formulation that provides the skincare benefits of gold powder and organic ingredients. With use, this face serum will make you feel and look healthy and younger by battling the premature signs of aging.

#5. Moisturizer!

Arguably one of the most if not the most crucial skincare essential product, a moisturizer helps to give you younger-looking skin. It achieves this by keeping your skin hydrated. A moisturizer also acts as a skin barrier and protects the skin from external irritants. Like the rest of the products, you should choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. In most cases, you must also consider other factors like the season and of course, budget. If your skin gets dry in the winter, a heavier moisturizer will do well to compensate for that. On the other hand, if your skin experiences breakouts, go for a non-comedogenic formula to avoid clogging your pores.

#6. Sunscreen

Finally, sunscreen is the ultimate must-have skincare essential for every skin type. Whether you live in sunny Australia or the high Alps, sun protection is a must. Sunscreen is one of the most important weapons for keeping wrinkles and pigmentation away from your skin. Sunscreen works by preventing harmful UV rays from the sun from causing damage to your skin. The best time to apply sunscreen is after cleansing. After application, allow a few minutes for the product to absorb before applying your serum and moisturizer. If your sunscreen has a physical block, only use it after your serum and moisturizer.


With the world going through a tough time, it could be understandable if you have downsized your skincare routine. However, make sure to include all the essentials above to guarantee you have beautiful skin throughout.


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