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How to Tweak Your Skincare Routine during the Corona Virus Pandemic

How do you maintain beautiful skin during the coronavirus pandemic? It seems like just the other day we were going full throttle with our beauty regimen. Fast forward to a few months and the coronavirus pandemic has changed all that. Enter social distancing. With all its good intentions, social distancing means no more spas, boutiques, facials and all that for now. It also comes as no surprise to see a list of beauty brands that have temporarily closed due to the coronavirus so far. While this means lesser options to your normal skincare regimen, it does not mean the end of it all!

As such, we have more than enough reliable tweaks to your skincare routine that will help you stay safe during the pandemic all while still maintaining great skin.

The best part, not all your skincare changes during the pandemic have to be drastic. In fact, these tiny beauty tweaks might be all you will need to emerge from all this with your skin integrity intact. Check them out;

#1. Keep Hygiene Up

First things first, there is no better time than this to maintain personal hygiene. Now more than ever, your personal hygiene plays an important part in keeping safe and protecting our loved ones. You want to know how you can achieve that, keep washing those hands and try staying at home.

This means staying home after work, skipping your favorite restaurant and self-isolating as much as you can.

#2. Trim Those Long Nails

Quite frankly, this is not the best time to have long nails. This may sound like textbook advice, but keeping your nails short can help prevent grime and muck from getting stuck where they are not needed. Apart from a helpful trim, make sure to keep your long nails clean all the way to their undersides. Finally, avoid biting your nails or putting your fingers in your mouth. We all know there is no faster way of transferring bacteria to your face than that especially during the coronavirus pandemic. You also risk infecting yourself if you have a hard time keeping your nails away from your mouth.

#3. Switch to Sanitary Tools for Skin Care and Makeup

We have already hinted that you should start avoiding touching your face where possible. This is for obvious reasons, to avoid spreading the virus to spread from your fingers and infecting yourself. This can be a challenge when trying to apply makeup and your favorite skincare products. That is where sanitary tools come in. Add some facial cleaning brushes, spatulas, powder brushes, and the likes to your beauty basket to help you keep your hands away from your face.

#4. Stock Up on the Skincare Must-Haves

An emergency skincare kit should include a beauty bar soap, a moisturizer, petroleum jelly, and cleanser. All these are bare minimums to help get your skin through this tough time. Unlike some rare commodities like fresh produce, paper goods and water which keep running out in the stores, your skincare essentials are still fully stocked. Also, your jar of petroleum jelly should last you several weeks.

#5. Tie Your Hair Down

Here comes a simple tweak for your beauty routine you probably forgot about. Keep your hair away from your face. Our hair is able to collect germs and bacteria which is not the best news for the face. Although this can be hard for many people to do, a simple hairstyle tweak can help with that. For instance, tie your hair down to a ponytail to keep it back at all times. Alternatively, consider wearing a barrette or headband if you have bangs.

#6. Wash Your Hands for 20 Seconds or More

Dermatologists agree that when washing your face, give it a minimum of twenty seconds to let the ingredients absorb. The same discipline should apply to your handwashing routine. Soap and water are the best combinations if you want to keep those hands sparkling clean. Luckily, alcohol-based sanitizers are also effective at killing germs. If you are not sure how to make those twenty seconds count, try signing the letters of the alphabet every time you wash. This ensures that your hands are washed thoroughly and free of germs. To keep your hands hydrated, make sure to moisturize right after cleaning to keep your hands moist and irritation-free.

#7. Eat a Healthy Diet

With all the time in your hands and possible boredom, you may be tempted to break your diet rules. Also, with more restaurants closing and grocery stores selling out, a balanced diet might feel harder to maintain. However, that is no reason to be careless with your diet. What you eat will play a huge role in your overall skincare results in the long run. If possible, try including ingredients like good old veggies, fatty fish, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, and walnuts and cut down on dairy.

#8. Stay Active at Home

Gyms and fitness centers may be temporarily closed in your city, but you can still stay active at home. Skipping exercise will have a negative effect on your skin. By staying active, you will be helping your body deliver blood flow and oxygen to your face and skin. This improves your skin to give it a post-workout glow it needs. Exercising at home means you don’t have to worry about sunburn or breaking any rules.

#9. Try DIY Face Masks

Not able to get your hands on your favorite face mask? Not to worry. You can always take advantage of the time in your hands to make a DIY face mask. In fact, everything you need is right in your kitchen. If you don’t know where to start, you can check out some recipes from the internet and make a DIY skincare mask right at home. Most of them involve combining your daily common foods like egg whites, honey, oatmeal, avocado, Greek yogurt, sugar and more to make a host of all-natural masks.

#10. Reduce Stress

Separating from family and friends can be a lonely affair. Isolation is not for everybody. As such, social distancing can pose a challenge to mental health. Anxiety, depression, and stress can cause facial breakouts and trigger premature aging. Try focusing on the positive side, which is protecting yourself and your loved ones from harm during the coronavirus pandemic. You can always reach out to friends and family to check on them and share some positivity, it just might be enough to cheer everybody up.


All the social distancing can have a negative impact on the skin if you are eating poorly, not exercising or being dull about everything. To avoid breakouts and premature aging in the days and weeks to come, try those skincare tweaks during the pandemic which fortunately, can be done right at home.


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