Professional Cleansing Foam

Professional Cleansing Foam


150 ml / 5.1Fl.oz
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 Get A Professional Facial Cleansing Foam Right At Home

The Aurarius Professional Cleansing Foam unclogs the pores, removes makeup, and keeps the skin balanced.

This ideal, delicate crystal foaming cleanses the face, while keeping the skin balanced. This cleanser works to rapidly and easily remove makeup and impurities. Leaves a sensation of extreme cleanliness and optimal freshness with a shield against dryness.

What does it means to keep the skin balanced? It’s simple: your skin produces natural moisture in the form of oils. It’s necessary to have a good amount of oil to keep the skin smooth and clear. However, too much oil can clog the pores and create a greasy look that nobody wants.

With the Aurarius Cleansing Foam, people with oily skin can rejoice! The cleansing foam works by removing some of the excess oils on the skin and clearing the skin of any impurities.

However, this product isn’t just for oily skin. If your skin is dry, you might be dealing with an accumulation of dead skin. This cleansing foam will remove the dead, dry skin and leave your face vibrant and fresh! Pair with a moisturizing product like the Royal White Pearl Facial Cream.

What Is Aurarius?

Aurarius, meaning ‘golden’ in Latin, refers to our 24k gold skin care. It is brought to you by Gold Elements, one of the leading providers of gold infused skin products.

 We won the 2016 Beauty Awards for our amazing retail experience. We’re still rolling out pilot stores, so wait for one to open near you! Until then, you can purchase our products online.

 Aurarius delivers to anywhere in the US, and shipping is free if you spend more than $150!

Why Choose Aurarius?

Aurarius is brought to you by Gold Elements, a respected name in luxury skin care. Gold Elements, since 2013, has provided skin care products that are high quality and luxurious.

The Aurarius line came about as a way to include different luxury ingredients, such as white pearl, in skin care. We strive for the highest quality products to make your skin look and feel younger.

By choosing Aurarius, you get access to skin care that is of the utmost quality: period. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee on all our products. That’s how much we believe in the power of natural, luxury ingredients.

Why Should I Use Professional Cleansing Foam?

As stated before, a clear face is a balanced face. Your face needs to have a nice amount of moisture while not being too greasy. Using Aurarius Cleansing Foam will cut down on the greasy, oily look. Not only that, it’s perfect for those with dry skin or combination skin as well!

Use the cleansing foam right after you shower for best results. This will remove any excess oils or dead skin and make your face feel clean and beautiful.

How Do I Use The Aurarius Professional Cleansing Foam?

Using the Aurarius Cleansing Foam is as easy as washing your face. After you shower, take a small amount (about the size of your three fingers) and rub it into the skin. Once your skin is covered with the foam, let sit for a few seconds. Then, wash off the foam and reveal your most beautiful self!

After using the cleansing foam, you can use other Gold Elements and Aurarius products to moisturize the skin, reduce wrinkles, and plump up your face. We recommend using this product with the Royal Pearl set.


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A superior, mega all in one skin treatment inspired by unique plastic surgeons techniques, formulated to suspend the effects of time and restore the skin’s lost youth. For smooth, supple, plump and translucent looking skin.


The first step in any skin care ritual, helping condition and balance the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth and healthy looking. Within time this skin care will assist in reversing the damage caused by exposure to the elements and reduce the appearance of skin discoloration, dark spots and wrinkles.


Your body needs love too, and good skin care is not only all about the face, treat your body with tender loving care. Experience the Gold Elements Body collection, made up of luxurious and natural ingredients that your skin will absolutely love.


Inspired by advanced cosmetic research our age defying skin care contains effective anti-aging ingredients combined with trace elements of gold to give a youthful, wrinkle less appearance to your skin.


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The ultimate luxury in age defying created with our truffle infusion to provide a mega dose of minerals, moisturizing, strengthening, and nourishing ingredients helping promote a lifted skin appearance with luxurious skin resilience, smoothness and radiance.

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