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The Side Effects of Sleeping With Makeup on!

You may already know that sleeping with makeup is a skin care mistake. What you might not realize is the scale of how horrible it is. For starters, sleeping with makeup is bad for both your face and bedsheets. In most cases, you just arrived from a night out and feel too tired or too lazy to wash your face. Unfortunately, this is no longer a valid excuse as sleeping with makeup does more harm than good. The worst part, this has a cumulative and harmful effect on your skin both in the present and in the long run. Here, we look at some of the ugly stuff that happens beneath the skin every time you sleep with make up on.

The Side Effects of Sleeping With Makeup On

Apart from your skin, your eyes, eyelashes and other parts of the face may also experience the negative side effects of sleeping with make up on. Below, we outline some of the most known side effects that can be avoided simply by obeying this sacred rule of good skin care.

Clogged Pores

Sleeping with make up on is a crime against your pores. This is because many makeup products consist of ingredients like silicones which can block pores. When the pores get clogged, your skin consequently gets bumpy. This could be bad news if you are acne-prone. Clogged pores can lead to breakouts which is one of the damaging effects of sleeping with makeup.

A quality cleanser with a gentle foaming action like the Intensive Multi Task Facial Cleanser from Gold Elements can help you clean away after removing makeup. Your face will be comfortable overnight so you can wake up feeling great.

Alternatively, a soft, golden facial peel like the Royal “White Pearl” Facial Peeling Mask is perfect when you have some time on your hands. It is enriched with active ingredients that help assist in removing dead skin cells and dirt. This process helps to unclog pores so your skin can “breathe” easily.

Acne Breakout

To understand how clogged pores affect us, we first need to understand a little bit of skin science. Just like the rest of the key organs in the body, the skin never stops working. Our skin is made up of water, protein, lipids, chemicals, and minerals. The skin is also covered with pores, which allow us to sweat off toxins and secrete sebum.

Sebum is the natural lubricant responsible for moisturizing our skin. It is also responsible for removing dead skin cells and irritants from our pores. Sleeping with makeup means you block your pores and this may lead to visibly enlarged pores and more acne overtime. The pressure you exact on your face by sleeping on a pillow may grind makeup. This may lead make up into hair follicles, clog pores which may cause acne. You might be feeling lazy or tired, but sparing a few minutes to remove make up and apply some face cream is super helpful.

Triggers Wrinkles

If you are wondering what makeup and wrinkles have to do with each other, then you’ll
be surprised to know it’s a lot. Makeup can do more harm than good if not used properly. For starters, it can increase your skin’s free radical exposure. Also, it may lead to wrinkles especially when sleeping with makeup on is a habit for you. Free radicals are notorious for wreaking havoc on your collagen production. When that happens, it causes the skin to appear even less supple.

Leads to Dry Skin

Sleeping with makeup on leads to dry skin. Before you sleep, make sure to simply rinse your makeup off to avoid all the negative effects. Leaving residue on the skin means it’s harder for it to absorb products like serums and moisturizers. Additionally, the skin might feel irritated and dry when you wake up.

Causes Chapped Lips

Your complexion is not the only thing you need to be worried about when sleeping with makeup on. Dryness affects more than skin and can be felt on the lips as well. When lips dry, they become chapped. That mostly happens when you sleep with lipstick on. To avoid such mishap from happening, take a second to wipe off your lipstick with a simple makeup remover. After wiping off lipstick, moisturize your lips with a nourishing lip balm formula in order to wake up to soft, soothed and well-hydrated lips.

Clogged Eye Follicles

Sleeping with mascara or eyeliner causes glands and hair follicles on your eyelids to suffer. Consequently, this might lead to clogged follicles and in many cases, styes.

Broken Eye Lashes

If you love eyelashes, then it is your mission to have long and extension worthy lashes. Unfortunately, perfect eye lashes are far from possible if you still sleep with your mascara on. Sleeping with make up on, in this case, mascara will often lead to brittle eye lashes that can easily break under minimum pressure.

Eye Infection

The eye is a major part of your face. As such, the many problems that may threaten to plague the face will cause problems to your eyes as well. Sleeping with makeup on can lead to numerous cases of eye infection.
Forgetting to or being too lazy or too tired to remove makeup such as eye shadow, eyeliner or mascara is bad news to your face. Not only will your face become irritated, the chances of an eye infection are pretty high! This is an avoidable consequence if you can spare just a few seconds to remove your makeup before bed.

Damages Skin Cells

Makeup is able to trap environmental pollutants and other free radicals that are capable of damaging skin cells. This includes depleting collagen, an important building block of the skin. When this occurs, the early signs of premature aging are quick to show up. The next time you want to jump to your bed with your concealer on, think about the unwanted side effects.

Causes Dull Skin

It’s no secret that every skin care enthusiast strives to achieve a glowing, soft, smooth and young looking skin. However, sleeping with makeup on will effortlessly gift you a dull, sallow and parched skin. Makeup products like highlighters, peachy pink glows are fine, but heavy foundations that clog pores when you sleep in them is a big no.


The face is the main point of attention when you come into contact with people. Without a doubt, the rules of skin care dictate that the face must be well looked after. Hence, you must do away with habits that threaten the wellbeing of your face, including sleeping with makeup.

Skin on the other hand, is an important organ that is responsible for some vital functions of the body like secretion. Being able to sweat off toxins, excrete lipids, regulate body heat and heal off wounds is a great plus. When makeup is left overnight, none of these benefits will be waiting for you in the mirror the next morning.


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