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Neck Care Tips for Beautiful Looking Neck

If you didn’t know, some of your most obvious premature aging signs could be due to lack of proper neck care tips. The neck is one of the most notorious tellers of age. When not properly taken care of, the neck may make us look older than we actually are. The necks show aging signs more than any other part of the body, hands and face included. Ironically, we spend huge amounts of money on the best makeup and skin care products to keep our faces glowing and looking flawless. We even go a bit further to pay for luxurious spas and treatment for the face, legs or back. Unfortunately, the neck misses out on most of the action and ends up being neglected in the end.

Why is the neck so vulnerable?

To put it simply, the skin on our necks is pretty thin and sensitive. As a matter of fact, it’s more delicate than the skin on your face. As such, the neck is highly and more prone to wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. Add to the fact that the neck is so regularly neglected and this makes it all the much worse. Without taking advantage of some proven neck care tips, you risk premature aging signs thanks to a not-so-good looking neck area. After all, who wants a beautiful, youthful-looking face planted on top of a saggy, wrinkled neck?

Taking care of your neck lets you maintain your best and most youthful version of yourself. That being said, we have outlined some of the most effective neck care tips to help you with your overall skin care journey.

Exfoliate the neck area

First and foremost, exfoliation is the first step to a clearer and youthful-looking skin. Your neck deserves the same attention you give your face and hands and this is the best place to start. Just like the face, the neck can get its pores clogged if you don’t take the time to exfoliate correctly. Unlike other parts of the body, only use a mild exfoliator on the neck to make sure you don’t irritate an already sensitive skin area. Next, make sure you are exfoliating the right way by massaging in an upward motion. Remember, the wrong exfoliation technique may add more lines to your neck. Many dermatologists’ neck care tips recommend you exfoliate the neck at least twice or three times a week to get clear pores. This helps you avoid fine lines and blemishes while giving you a smoother and youthful-looking neck.

Cleanse Everyday

Washing your neck every day should be high on your skin care regimen. Just like the face, the neck area deserves a good wash every other day. This makes sure you are able to clean out all the dirt, debris and dead cells that may threaten to clog your pores. Nowadays, environmental pollutants are a nuisance as well. All the dust, sweat, oil and dirt that gets stuck on your skin during the day needs to be washed off from the neck as well. You can do this during your showers while cleaning the face and rest of the body.

Like I mentioned above, the neck area is particularly sensitive so you might want to be gentle to avoid further damage. For people with oily and sensitive skin, avoid products with harsh ingredients as they will not bode so well with your neck skin area. To get the best results, follow our proven neck care tips and use a face wash then massage the neck as gently as possible. Use a mild cleanser, face wash or shower gel that has a good PH and is gentle to the skin as well.

Always Remove Make-Up

To make sure you have an even skin tone for the face and neck, always remove makeup after a long day. This is one of the most important steps in many neck care tips.

And it cannot be stressed enough. Failure to properly remove makeup can cause the skin to get irritated, dry or cause cases of acne to the face and neck. For a good looking face and neck, always go for matching makeup. More importantly, make sure you remove all that makeup at the end of the day to give your skin time to breathe while avoiding clogged pores and saggy skin.

Which Neck Care Products to Use?


The first product for your neck care regimen should be oil. This is down to the fact that the neck skin area is almost always dry. As such, oil is the perfect solution to hydrate and rejuvenate the neck skin. When choosing an oil, go for light products like eucalyptus oil, chamomile, olive oil or sweet almond oil. Once you have your oil of choice, use it to gently massage the neck to leave it feeling fresh. The technique is an important part of any proper neck care tips for applying oil. Keep up an upward movement massage for about 5-10 minutes. Of course, remember to not overdo it. This ensures you avoid the strain that may be responsible for causing fine lines and wrinkles.


Surprisingly, the neck is one of, if not the most forgotten areas to apply sunscreen. This is a huge error. Unsurprisingly, not many neck care tips out there will dare skip this step. Applying sunscreen to the face alone means you are leaving the neck vulnerable to harmful UV rays from the sun. When that happens, your neck is prone to sunburn and all the negative effects that come with it. They include age spots, dull skin and fine lines which is the last thing you want. All these signs will age you down prematurely in what should be an avoidable situation. Therefore, apply sunscreen to both the front and backside of your neck thoroughly to protect it from the age triggering and harmful UV rays.

Apply Masks

Masks can have the exact same effect on the neck as they do on the face. If your favorite face mask is doing great things for your face, consider trying a neck mask as well. Masks form a huge part in many neck care tips and skin care regimens. However, the neck skin is as sensitive as they come so make sure to avoid harsh and dry masks such as clay or mud. Instead, go for natural, hydrating ingredients like fruit and vegetable or a luxurious ingredient like gold to enjoy the full benefits of neck masks.

A Change of Habits

Save your neck some workload each day by trying less detrimental neck poses. Spending the entire day looking down your mobile phone or laptop with your neck tucked inside your chest is bad for you. Some of us perform these habits without even realizing the negative effects they have on our neck. Not only are these poses tiring, but they are also capable of causing unwanted lines and acne.

Sleeping on a high pillow, on the other hand, is equally bad for the neck. A stretched neck may form lines while trying to return to its normal position. With the right neck care tips at your fingertips, you can avoid this. Go for a lower placed pillow that keeps your neck aligned with your chest and back.

Bottom Line

Although you might have all the best skincare products at your disposal, lack of consistency will keep things stagnant. To make sure your neck looks as youthful and glowing as ever, follow a strict routine.

This means starting from the face and down to the neck. Also, make sure to follow up on the neck for every procedure you perform on the face. When cleaning the face, wash the neck too. When you apply a toner to the face, exfoliate or moisturize, make sure to do the same with your neck area as well. For every face cream, you use, have a neck cream to back it up. If you choose to use the same products for your face and neck, make a point to avoid all the harsh ingredients that may cause havoc on the sensitive neck area.


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