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Daily Skin care Habits for Better Looking Skin!

We are living in busy times, the kind of times that force us to age well before our time. A lot can change when you choose to adopt some of daily skin care habits for better-looking skin.

Unsurprisingly, many people spend a lot of money on various skin care products and cosmetics. Their mission is to achieve great looking skin and a better complexion. However, what they fail to realize is that healthy skin starts with a quality skin care routine and the simplest of habits.

Some of these routines ensure you save both time and money. By incorporating these daily skin care habits in your 20s, your skin will definitely thank you later in life.

  1. Love Your Sunscreen

Nothing beats slathering sunscreen religiously. The benefits of this routine are much more than you can imagine. For beginners, sunscreen does not only protect you from sunburn, but it also helps prevent premature aging signs and decrease the risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen is the only foolproof protection your skin has against harmful UV rays from the skin. As far as daily skin care habits go, always wear sunscreen with SPF that is 30+ or higher to maintain healthy skin.

  1. Always Wash Your Hands before Face

Your hands keep touching things and so, they are more prone to germs. As such, it is a no brainer that keeping them clean is to the benefit of your face. Washing your hands first before touching your face is one of the most vital daily skin care habits to obey. To protect your face from breakouts and other avoidable skin problems, make sure to follow this simple but safe, hands-first-face-next rule.

  1. Treat Acne and Don’t Pick

The best way of getting rid of acne is treating it, not picking on your pimples. Picking mostly causes more scars which may take even longer to heal. Additionally, you must avoid touching your face too much when you have acne. This helps prevent any bacteria from spreading to the rest of your skin.

  1. Always Remove Makeup Before Bed

Sleeping with makeup on is a skin care crime that should be avoided at all times. Leftover makeup blocks your pores leaving your skin unable to breathe. Consequently, clogged pores become a leading cause of acne, uneven skin tone and overall skin dullness. Ask anyone and they will tell you that removing makeup before bed should be top on your daily skin care habits.

  1. Use Quality Eye Cream

Ever wondered why the skin around your eyes wrinkles the fastest? You guessed right, the skin around the eye is extremely thin and sensitive. Just like the skin on your neck, this part of the body is just as quick to display the earliest signs of aging. A good countermeasure to stop premature aging is to invest in a good eye cream. For instance, the Truffle Infusion Eye Cream is the perfect luxury eye cream to help you do just that. It is formulated with active natural ingredients and traces of gold to help you get rid of puffiness, dark circles and the fine lines that begin to form early.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is vital to healthy skin and body and a crucial daily skin care habit. Sleep allows your body to rest, recover and regenerate skin cells overnight. When the body and mind rest, you wake up feeling happy and energized.

  1. Keep Hydrated

It is important for your body to have all the water it needs at all times. Hydrating is just as important for the inside of the skin as the outside. While water will keep you hydrated from the inside, proper full body hydration will require you to add the right skin care products to your routine. A quality moisturizer will keep the skin’s outside moisture at the desired levels. This in turn helps you avoid dryness and gives you a fresh and rejuvenated look.

  1. Consult a Dermatologist

If you haven’t seen a dermatologist for a while, book a date with one in your area ASAP. Although this doesn’t have to be a daily skin care habit, you have many reasons to see a dermatologist. Having an expert work on your skin occasionally will be a huge plus in more ways than one. A dermatologist or skin care expert is able to identify and help you treat any skin problems you may have. Also, you get recommendations for the best and scientifically proven skin care products that suit you best. If you see a dermatologist regularly, you can professionally track any skin changes while getting firsthand solutions.

  1. Cater to Your Skin Type

It’s much easier to buy products for your skin or identify problems if you already know your skin type. Whether you have sensitive, dry, oily type or combination skin, knowing your skin type is like winning half the battle. Every skin type is unique and each works best with different products. From serums, creams, cleansers or moisturizers, specializing on your skin type means you get the best results.

  1. Use a Serum

Applying a serum is an important step in your skin care regimen and daily skin care habits. Serum provides a dose of active ingredients that absorb into the skin extremely fast. When choosing a serum, look for one that meets your skin type and needs. A serum can come in handy when looking to hydrate or lighten a pigment. For a serum that can tick all the boxes, try the Advanced Truffles Brightening Eye Serum. This serum adds smoothness and radiance for a vibrant, lifted, youthful look.

  1. Fight Premature Aging

Premature aging is caused by factors that in many cases, are in your control. Additionally, don’t get wrinkles when worrying too much about getting wrinkles. If you know your skin type and your skin’s vulnerabilities, make it a daily skin care habit to protect it. Gold Elements sources some of the market-leading anti-aging solutions that you can use as early as your 20s.

  1. Research Your Products

The skin care market is filled with companies that promise too much but sometimes fall short of expectations. Just because a product costs a lot of money does not mean it will do everything it says it will. Some products that claim to have miraculous powers sometimes have no scientific or evidence backing. It is up to you to do some research, compare notes and look for cosmetic evidence or dermatologist advice before making an investment.

  1. Use Vitamin C and Retinol

Vitamin C and retinol are two of the most significant ingredients in skin care. Vitamin C acts as a source of antioxidants while promoting collagen production. Retinol, on the other hand, boosts elasticity and smoothens wrinkles. Adding products with these ingredients to your skin care regimen will boost your skin and keep it looking young.

  1. Clean Up Your Diet

Sadly for your face, all the toxins that enter your body eventually show up on the skin. Cleaning up your diet as a daily skin care habit is highly beneficial.

From alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and environmental pollutants, toxins stuffed up in the body escapes via skin. To achieve a clear skin, maintain a clean diet and limit exposure to these toxins as much as possible.

  1. Get More Facials

If you want youthful skin for the long term, get more facials. Facials go a long way to keeping a radiant and youthful skin. Facials work by restoring moisture and oxygen on the skin to keep it healthy and hydrated.

Although a facial is not an answer to every skin woe out there, they complement the rest of your daily skin care habits.

  1. Be Gentle To Your Skin

Always treat your skin like the delicate organ that it is. Over scrubbing the skin when looking for quick results is a big no. As a matter of fact, you will only make matters worse for your skin. When applying products, your skin responds better with a soft touch and the right circular motions.

Bottom Line

When in your 20s, worrying about your skin can be seen as a bit too early. At this age, you are primarily focused on school and career. However, it is at this age that being a creature of habit is highly beneficial. Adapting the above proven daily skin care habits as early as possible ensures you achieve healthy and youthful-looking skin for a long time to come.


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