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Treating Dry and Sensitive Skin Routine and Strategies

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you are vulnerable to more than you can wish for. The outermost layer of the skin should always have a water content of 10-30%. Healthy skin should have the natural ability to keep the moisture level at this range. If the skin loses this important ability due to any reasons, you should address it as soon as you can. You can do so with all the information we have lined up in our proven routine for treating dry and sensitive skin.

The effects and vulnerabilities of dry and sensitive skin can be uncomfortable and distracting. Dry skin can cause rough, reddish and itchy marks in places you really don’t want like arms, lower legs or ankles. Also, it can be common for these signs to show up on thighs, abdomen or feet. All these signs can lead to cracks and or fissures on your skin. Worry not though, we will break down a proven strategy for treating dry and sensitive skin just for you.

What Causes Dry Skin

According to Mayo Clinic, dry skin is caused by a lot of different factors. For starters, sensitive skin can be hereditary, medical or just a natural consequence of aging. When we age, our skin loses natural skin oils which makes it vulnerable. Sometimes, your daily skin care habits are to blame for dry skin. Some of these habits include washing with harsh soaps and other harsh cleansing agents, over scrubbing and skipping vital skin care products.

Since most dry skin is mostly caused by external causes, it does respond well to external skin care solutions. Making some much-needed adjustments to your skin care, however minor, can really help. This means that regardless of cause, there is a lot you can do to help improve your condition for smooth and supple skin. All you need to do is follow our routine strategy for treating dry and sensitive skin to the letter.

A Careful Washing Routine for Dry Skin

Your dry skin needs to be addressed to avoid some serious conditions like dermatitis. This is a severe inflammation for the skin which you will be well advised to avoid.

To be on the safe side, try out these tips when you bathe or shower;

Avoid Long Hot Showers

Hot water can strip your skin of its oil faster than lukewarm water. Hence, long showers are a cause for dried-out skin. To counter this, limit your shower sessions to a simple 5-10 minute lukewarm bath a day. Showering the right way will perfectly complement your routine for treating dry and sensitive skin.

Use a shower gel, gentle cleanser, and moisturizer

For sensitive skin, make sure you go for soap-free, unscented or just a mild soap cleanser. Harsh cleansers are a big NO as they only make things worse

Use Proper Timing

Apply a moisturizer when your skin is moist. This is proper timing to get that moisturizer to be absorbed. Next, pat your skin with a soft towel after you wash your face, shower or wash hands.

The Ingredients to Look for in a Moisturizer

You don’t have to overpay for a quality and rich moisturizer. Just check the label to make sure you are getting the ingredients that can be helpful for your dry skin. They include ceramides; Glycerin and Dimethicone, Hyaluronic acid, Lanolin, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly. All these are proven ingredients that help the skin draw water and keep it there.

Lifestyle Choices for Relieving Dry Skin

There is a lot you can do to relieve your dry skin and most have everything to do with your lifestyle choices. Let’s take a look at the decisions you can make in your routine for treating dry and sensitive skin;

Use a Humidifier

Unfortunately, it gets worse during the winter season with low humidity caused by the cold air outside and heated air inside. We recommend you plug in a humidifier to keep your skin hydrated at these times.

Wear Soft, Warm Clothes

Wool, synthetics and other fabrics can be scratchy and irritating, to say the least. Hence, wear cotton and other natural fibers that are gentle for your skin.

Drink Enough Water

Eat healthily and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Omega-3 foods and essential fatty acids will help secure the skin’s ability to retain its natural oils. You can get omega-3 from foods such as salmon and cold-water fish like halibut and sardines. Walnuts, flax and sunflower oil are also good sources.

Products You Need in Your Routine for Treating Dry and Sensitive Skin

If you think that all you need for dry skin is a moisturizer, then you are missing out. A moisturizer is one of the best skin care products for dry skin but it’s still not enough.

Logically, a moisturizer is the most important as it helps rebuild the moisture on the skin. However, your skin will need a good combination of more quality skin care products to help get it back to its best. Check them out;


Sun damage is usually the first culprit of any skin issue. If you have dry or sensitive skin, avoiding exposure is a no brainer. A quality sunscreen with the right SPF (30+) will make sure that you are always protected. Remember, a single minute of sun exposure on unprotected skin is enough to damage it. More sun exposure is an enemy to any routine for treating dry and sensitive skin because your skin will not stand a chance.

Also, UV rays can penetrate windows as well so you need to apply sun protection even if you are indoors.

An Exfoliating Cleanser

As we age, it becomes harder for the skin to naturally get rid of dead skin cells. This leaves it up to you to rid the skin of all the debris and dirt so it doesn’t clog or cause acne. You can achieve this with a quality exfoliating cleanser. This helps scrub and reveal the fresh skin underneath which is smoother and better hydrated. In the process, a quality cleansing agent will help remove toxins as well.

Skin Booster

A skin booster refers to a product that contains plant oils or hyaluronic acid that help nourish the skin. A skin booster helps you restore the lipids back to your skin with added antioxidants for good measure. The skin loses its natural hyaluronic acids with age and a skin booster is a great addition to any proven routine for treating dry and sensitive skin.


This is arguably the most important among the products that you will use to treat dry skin. While other products will help make your skin healthy, a moisturizer will hydrate your skin so it completely becomes healthier. This will also help the skin appear more radiant and will also condition it. This will make it more than able to absorb nutrients coming from other skin care products that you are using.

Here are a few skin care products that I recommend for dry skin.

If you need to exfoliate your skin, the Intensive Multi-Task Facial Cleanser is perfect for the job. This multitask product that can exfoliate your skin, condition and rebalance your skin. When the dead skin cells are removed, the skin is cleared of all barriers that can compromise the products you will use to nourish it. The effect is fresher and healthier-looking skin. This product is a must-have in your routine for treating dry and sensitive skin

Another great product for dealing with dry skin is the Gold Elements Mega Cream. This popular product is a great skin treatment that will effectively make your skin feel luxurious. It works by helping restore your skin and making it appear plump, smooth, translucent, and radiant.

These products are a must-have for any effective strategy for treating dry and sensitive skin.

Bottom Line

Knowing the right procedure for treating dry and sensitive skin should not be rocket science. However, you will need a lot of consistency. That means every day, even a few times a day when you must.


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