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Simple Dermatologist Tips to Younger Looking Skin in the Morning

We all want younger looking skin. However, not everyone wants to put in the work or do the little things that count. On the other hand, some people are confused about the proper way to go about things. If your skin care routine is not getting you the results that you deserve or want, perhaps it’s time to switch.

If you wake up in the morning, head to the mirror and you are not excited by what you see, this one’s for you. Start incorporating these simple techniques, lifestyle changes, and positive skin care habits to achieve younger looking skin every time you wake up.

Dermatologists recommend doing a few things before bed. Their advice helps you utilize your beauty sleep overnight so you can wake up to the skin of your dreams. Your skin already works hard during the day, and you will be amazed by everything it can achieve overnight. Here are a few things you can do to achieve younger looking skin.

Clean Your Makeup

Never skip this crucial skin care process. Always, always remove makeup before you sleep. By doing this, you are removing buildup, debris and dirt collected throughout the day. If your aim is to achieve younger looking skin, then you can’t allow unnecessary build-up to clog your pores and cause more problems. Hence, cleansing the foundation and mascara off your face will help you avoid breakouts, dullness, and even wrinkles.

Use an Anti-Aging Product

The right anti-aging product will help you greatly in your cause to younger looking skin. Additionally, the right ingredients in your anti-ager will make that process even faster and more impressive. For instance, dermatologists agree that retinoids are a skin’s secret weapon. They possess anti-acne and anti-aging properties with enough research to back that claim. The only minor downside of these vitamin A derivatives is that they might cause irritation to people with dry skin if not used in the right order. In such cases, let your skin get used to retinol first (a mild form of retinoid) and switch later. The upside of retinoids is they can speed exfoliation and boost collagen production. Anti-aging products with gold as an ingredient might be a bit high end for some, but no irritation means everyone is happy! The Age Treatment Complete Set from Gold Elements consists of everything you need to reverse the common signs of aging.

Apply a Mega Moisturizer

Sleep time is repair time, and you want the best products for your overnight regimen. As such, dermatologists recommend the latest beauty trend, a sleep mask, to add some radiance to your complexion. Since masks are designed to be applied before sleeping, they are more concentrated and lighter than daytime moisturizers. This allows you to enjoy the benefits without messing up your hair and or pillow. For best results, wear the mask on top of your night cream so it penetrates better. The Virtuose 24K Gold Concentrated Late Night Recovery from Gold Elements fits many skin care routines for younger looking skin. The cream contains a healthy dose of natural ingredients that can help your skin heal itself as you sleep at night. It is formulated to provide your skin with a mega-dose of vitamins and natural ingredients. This helps in the restoration and repair that usually happens during sleep.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Sleep plays a vital part in your overall skin health and ultimately, your goals for younger looking skin. Sleeping with your stomach on the same side of the face every night can cause fine lines. Repeating the posture every night pushes your face against the pillow for longer periods than recommended. With time, it can manifest to even more lines and consequently, wrinkles. If you want to avoid the fine lines, try sleeping on your back if you are comfortable. If not, alternate which side to sleep on every other night.

Treat Your Trouble Spots

If you have a trouble spot, nagging blemish, give it the right attention so you can have an even skin tone. Also, make sure to give attention to the most neglected body parts in skin care. These include the hands, neck area, eye skin area, and back. This ensures that no part is left out or exposed to the harsh elements. Moisturize your lips, hands, and neck just before bedtime. This adds some much-needed hydration after all the drinking, eating and hand washing we do all day.

Catch Some Good Sleep

Beauty sleep is real, and every skin care expert will swear by it. None of the dermatologist’s advice for overnight success will make sense without proper sleep. A proper routine demands that you eat well, hydrate and let the work begin as you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, a new and younger looking skin will be yours to behold. Skimping on sleep will cause a surge in the stress hormone cortisol. When that happens, this accelerates the breakdown of collagen for all the wrong reasons. Wrinkles and fine lines follow suit when you are always fatigued and sleep-deprived. While sleeping longer hours in our busy world could be difficult to achieve, it’s highly rewarding.

Apply Eye Cream

The appearance of your eyes plays an important role towards younger looking skin. An eye cream comes in handy when you want to prevent laugh lines and crow’s feet. Before you jump into bed, dot on an eye cream preferably with peptides and antioxidants as ingredients. The cream works overnight to cater to the sensitive skin around the eyes which is more vulnerable to aging signs. The Age Treatment Anti-Aging Eye Cream from Gold Elements, for instance, contains ingredients to battle the signs of aging. Its silky and light consistency of the cream makes for an easy and gentle application. This cream is perfect for the sensitive skin around your eyes and eyelids.

Bottom Line

Dermatologists may have all the secrets to younger looking skin, but they can agree on one thing, skin care starts with you. By applying their age-old techniques, and the right products to go along, you can achieve the skin of your dreams faster than you thought possible.


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