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Must-Have Skin Care Products for Every Skin Type

Every skin care enthusiast can agree that beauty and skin care always go hand in hand. Women, in particular, can also agree that shopping the ideal products can be a hard task sometimes. The market is filled with a variety of beauty products to choose from which makes it even challenging. Although we all have different approaches to beauty and skin care, there will always be some must-have skin care products for every skin type. These are the products that no girl can go without. As a matter of fact, it would be an absolute mistake to not have these products lying wait on top of your shelves.

Let’s take a look at the must-have skin care products for every skin type that you can always rely on.

#1. Cleansers

A Cleanser unanimously tops the list of the must-have skin care products for every skin type. Cleansers or cleansing lotions are designed to carefully remove makeup, impurities, dirt, and pollution build up on the face. The importance of cleansing includes the ability for skin to breathe freely and improve its overall health by preventing clogged pores. After cleansing, the skin is ready to accept new products and more importantly, make them work better. The Intensive Multi-Task Facial Cleanser from Gold Elements is a great choice. It conditions and rebalances your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and renewed.

#2. Toner

The next product on our list is the mostly misunderstood toner. Make no mistake however, this product has earned its place in the list of the must-have skin care products. And for good reasons. To begin with, a toner helps to restore important ingredients that can help repair damaged skin. Ingredients like antioxidants, ceramides, glycerin, fatty acids, and vitamins are all crucial in replenishing skin to give it a youthful, bright look.

With constant use of a toner, you will noticeably look fresher than you would look without it. A proper toner calms the skin and soothes unwanted bumps or redness while removing traces of old makeup to allow your skin to breathe. I recommend the Intensive Cleaning and Softening Toner from Gold Elements to get the job done. This silky, cleansing, softening and moisturizing formula gently tones and rehydrates your complexion, gently removing dead skin cells to allow your skin to “breathe” for a clean, smooth and soft skin.

#3. Exfoliator

No list of must-have skin products for every skin type can be complete without including an exfoliator. After the skin is cleansed and toned, you will need to exfoliate and get rid of the build-up from dead skin cells. The dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of the skin and may clog pores which is not something you want. Clogged pores reduce the amount of oxygen passing through the skin barrier and exfoliating ensure that you successfully hurry the renewal process. The result is a fresh, healthy and youthful-looking skin when you are done.

An exfoliator is a must-have skin care product and can help get rid of fine lines while reducing the look of wrinkles. It can also help remove redness and blackheads to even the skin tone and fill out any imperfections.

#4. Moisturizer

No skin care product is superior to the other but a case for moisturizer can easily be made. Not only is it crucial to skin health, but it is also a must-have skin care product for any skin type.

The skin is in constant need of moisture which is not always available from just drinking water. Of course, you can add a humidifier to your room but that too might not be enough. What your skin needs, is a product that can add some moisture and act as a barrier against pollutants. When the skin is exposed, harmful UV rays from the sun and environmental pollutants can do damage to your skin. A quality moisturizer eases the environmental stress, eases possible makeup damage and provides a sun protection factor that prevents sunburn.

#5. Night Cream

During the day, moisturizers do a great job of protecting your skin from the world. When the day is over, you then switch to richer and thicker in the name of night cream.

If you are wondering why night cream is one of the must-have skin care products for all skin types, the answer is simple. Night creams pack a high concentration of anti-aging ingredients that fight wrinkles as you sleep. They are designed to penetrate the skin slowly through the night without makeup and sun exposure.

Night cream tip: People with dry skin may need a cream with fatty acids to improve hydration. Those with oily skin, on the other hand, respond best to non-clogging creams.

#6. Eye Cream

Too many creams already? Not really. The skin around the eyes is delicate and sensitive and needs its own extra attention. The delicate eye skin area has fewer oils and water glands that should keep it moisturized. As such, you need to compensate with your own artificial input in the form of dedicated eye cream. Another must-have skin care product, eye cream does not only hydrate the eye area, but it also minimizes puffiness and dark circles. When choosing an eye cream, go for one without fragrance but filled with antioxidants. This it to avoid any allergic reactions that may make your eyes worse than before. For instance, the Truffle Infusion Brightening Eye Cream is the ultimate luxury in age-defying treatments specifically designed for the delicate eye area

#7. Serum

While moisturizers are more popular and easier to find with most beauty enthusiasts, serums can be a bit rare. However, this shouldn’t make it any less important than the rest of the must-have skin care products in this list. Serums are thicker with more active ingredients which are very beneficial to the skin. They include vitamins and elements that can treat skin conditions ranging from dryness, dark spots and wrinkles. Because serums are not used for moisture, the correct way is to use them as healthy food for the skin.

Serum tip: Use a product with retinol or glycolic acid for oily skin and a lighter non-oily serum for dry skin best hydration.

#8. Facial Oil

Facial oil is always important for the skin and your skin will definitely look empty without it. The fatty acids that come from facial oils are not easily produced by the body hence, facial oils come in handy. Some good sources of facial oils are argan, jojoba, avocado and more.

#9. Facial Masks

Facial masks may sound like a pure luxury but they are important to have. While very good relaxing options, facial masks can bring back the moisture to the face. They can also detoxify and increase blood circulation while replenishing lost nutrients. While not on the front line of the must-have skin care products, masks are great additions to your skin care regimen. Take your free time to calm and soothe red and inflamed skin and draw out impurities from skin with a proper mask.

#10. Sunscreen

Finally, we save the best for last. As one of the most important product in sun protection, sunscreen is a must-have skin care product for any skin care regimen. A sunscreen with a high SPF is recommended to keep out harmful UV rays from damaging your skin. This keeps your skin texture away from wrinkles, dullness, freckles, and roughness.


While skin care is very highly reliant on the individual using it, the kind of products that work for many may not differ that much. At the end of the day, beautiful and bright skin can be achieved to great success through the use of these must-have skin care products regardless of your skin type.


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