A Beginner’s Guide to Gold Elements Products

Gold Elements is the prime provider of luxury 24k gold skin care products in the United States and all over the world. Gold infusion is the newest trend in skin care and cosmetics, currently seen in products sold by many major brands. But aside from colloidal gold, Gold Elements also sells truffles skin care, making them the only true provider of quality luxury skin care products in the world.

The Company

Gold Elements takes pride in being one of the few very exclusive gold-infused skin care product providers that only use the highest-grade ingredients from the far areas and deep trenches of mother earth. Every bottle, package, tub, or vial of Gold Elements products contain either traces of 24k gold, black and white truffles, pearls, or a combination of those, to provide optimum skin repair, nourishment, and rejuvenation.

For several years, Gold Elements has delivered quality products across continents. We currently have 30 retail store locations in the United States alone. There are several branches abroad, as well as an online store where the same quality products can be purchased, processed and shipped the same day.

What Makes Gold Elements Products Different?

Gold and truffles are luxury ingredients that are not found in just any regular skin care product. They are the very ingredients that make such products different from its competitors. Gold and truffles have intrinsic properties that care for the skin and restore its youthfulness with regular use.

Benefits of Gold in Skin Care

When used as a cosmetic ingredient, gold provides a slew of benefits that make almost all skin care worries go away in a flash. Everybody knows that gold is a very precious element. It has denoted wealth and prominence in different ways for eons. When added to cosmetics, gold does a whole lot more. Colloidal gold can:

  • Erase wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots
  • Promote skin cell production
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Brighten skin complexion
  • Protect the skin from collagen depletion
  • Address sun damage, allergies, and inflammation
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Leave the skin glowing

Truffles in Skin Care

Truffles have long been the highlight of the best cuisines of fine dining restaurants all over the world. Now, they are invading the skin care industry by storm. Truffles are rare and costly skin care ingredients that contain mega doses of vitamins and minerals that are very good for the skin. They can address the following issues:

  • Intense dryness
  • Cell damage
  • Premature aging
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Wrinkles
  • Dehydration
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Saggy skin

Gold Elements Flagship Collections

Gold Elements carries a handful of luxury 24k gold skin care products to address all types of skin care problems. Among the many packages to choose from the Gold Elements collections are as follows:

1 – Intensive Cleanse Complete Set
This set has products that clean and soften the skin and give it a wonderful glow. Regular use will keep the skin fresh, smooth, and healthy. These Gold Elements products provide the first line of defense in luxury skin care.

2 – Age Treatment
This Gold Elements collection addresses the problems related to wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and the other signs of aging. The package contains age treatment facial cream and serum, eye cream and serum, mask, and cleansing oil.

3 – Truffle Infusion
This Gold Elements skin care set makes truffles skin care more accessible and affordable. Truffles-infused skin care products give the skin added resilience while leaving it smooth and radiant. With regular use, the skin also looks younger and lifted.

4 – Mega Line
The Gold Elements Mega Line is specially formulated to suspend the effects of time. This four-product system is inspired by the effective techniques of plastic surgeons who can give you timeless beauty and elegance.

5 – D’OR
D’OR provides the basic skin care that everyone needs. But unlike similar products, this set offers authentic 24k gold skin care. The products contain traces of gold that provides your skin all the benefits that you never thought was possible.

6 – Body Care Collection
Caring for your face and body is a breeze with Gold Elements. Gold Elements is committed to providing their customers with a highly renewed skin from head to toe. The package comes with the full body care system that you need.

7 – Men’s Collection
If you think that women are our only focus, think again. We also have a premium 24k gold skin care line specially developed for men. Currently, it includes facial cream, cleansing gel, perfume, and after-shave balm.

Aurarius: The Cream of the Crop

Released in 2016, Aurarius is our second signature brand under the Gold Elements umbrella. Meaning ‘golden’ in Latin, Aurarius is marked by the most high quality ingredients money can buy.

1 – Royal White Pearl
The Royal White Pearl set has been talked about as one of the best introductions to luxury skin care in the world. Infused with real pearl, these products give the skin a porcelain-smooth feel and refresh the face.

2 – Advanced Truffles
As seen on Buzzfeed, Advanced Truffles by Aurarius is one of our most talked about product lines due to its use of truffles. The truffles provide a variety of vitamins and minerals to nourish and enrich the skin, keeping it healthy and fresh.

3 – Virtuose 24k Gold
Our Virtuose 24k gold is modeled heavily after our Mega Line: infused with gold and using the most luxurious ingredients known to man. The Virtuose line has day and night creams, as well as wrinkle fillers to keep you looking young and vibrant.

4 – Gravity Platinium
The Gravity Platinium set by Aurarius is meant to address the effects of gravity on aging skin. It restores sagging skin and breathes new life into skin showing signs of aging. These products have properties that emulate face lift surgery using Aurarius Gravity Platinium technology.

5 – Cleansing
This line is set to grow with more and more products being offered. Our Aurarius Cleansing line is currently home to one product: Aurarius Professional Cleansing Foam, a foaming cleanser to get rid of acne and clean oily skin.

How to Use Gold Elements Products

For quality 24k skin care products that can transform your look from ordinary to brilliant, Gold Elements is your go-to brand. Here is a beginner’s guide to get you started. The products are listed in the order that they are supposed to be used.

1 – Facial Wash
Facial washes are used to clean the face. But the Gold Elements skin care products do more than just that. They also protect, soften, and moisturize the face. Your prime choices for facial washes are as follows:

Intensive Multi Task Facial Cleanser
Facial Cleansing Gel for Men
2 – Facial Toner
Facial toners are deep-cleansers. They are used after washing the face to fully rid the skin of the dirt that regular washing misses sometimes. Gold Elements toners are also known to minimize pores and moisturize the skin. The products to check are:

Intensive Cleaning and Softening Toner
Age Treatment Cleansing Oil
3 – Facial Masks
Facial masks are specialty products that do wonders for the skin. They provide the skin with the much-needed therapy to restore its youthful look. There are different kinds of masks and each one can do certain things to your skin. Be sure to pick the Gold Elements luxury facial mask that you need. Here are your various options:

  • Aurarius Truffle
  • Mask Magique
  • Royal “White Pearl”
  • Facial Peeling Mask
  • D’OR Facial Peeling
  • Platinium Gravity-Defiant Lifting Mask
  • Virtuose 24K Gold Concentrated Age Defying Skin Change Mask
  • Advanced Truffles Brightening Thermal Mask
  • Golden Luminescence Infusion Mask
  • Gold Elements Mega Lift Express
  • Gold Elements Mega Mask
  • Truffle Infusion Thermal Mask
  • Age Treatment Transforming Mask
  • Thermofoliant Oxygen Technology Facial Treatment Mask

4 – Facial Serum
Facial serums work mostly like facial creams, only better. These are water-based facial moisturizers that penetrate deep into the skin. It reaches more skin layers than any cream can. Furthermore, individuals with oily skin who can’t use creams may opt for this luxury skin care product instead. While facial serums can be an alternative to creams, the two can also work seamlessly together to double the effect. If you must use them together, apply the serum first before the cream. The Gold Elements facial serums of choice are:

  • Truffle Infusion Face Lift Serum
  • Royal “White Pearl” Facial Serum
  • Platinium Gravity-Defiant Lifting Serum
  • Virtuose 24K Gold Concentrated Age Defying Skin Serum
  • Advanced Truffles Brightening Face-Lift Serum
  • Gold Elements Mega Serum
  • Thermofoliant Oxygen Technology Treatment Activating Serum

5 – Facial Cream
Facial creams are equally special skin care products that address different kinds of facial skin problems ranging from dryness to wrinkling. There are two kinds of facial cream, one for use in the morning and another for nighttime. Gold Elements has different facial creams that can provide for your everyday needs. There are several facial creams in the Gold Elements collection and your choices include:

  • Royal “White Pearl” Facial Cream
  • Gold Elements Mega Cream
  • Platinum Gravity-Defiant Lifting Cream
  • Virtuose 24k Gold Concentrated Late Night Recovery
  • Virtuose 24k Gold Concentrated Age Defying Cream
  • Advanced Truffles Brightening Face-lift Cream
  • Multi Action Cream for Men
  • Thermofoliant Oxygen Technology Treatment Cream
  • D’OR Facial Cream

6 – Eye Serum
Eye serums work just like the face serum, only this one is specially created for the eye contour zone. It keeps the eye hydrated and prevents the appearance of crow’s feet. If you need an eye serum, choose any of these four luxury skin care products:

  • Truffle Infusion Eye Serum
  • Virtuose 24k Gold Concentrated Age Defying Eye Serum
  • Advanced Truffles Brightening Eye Serum
  • Age Treatment Eye Serum

7 – Eye Cream
If eye serums are not enough, then you’ll need a good dose of eye cream to make those wrinkles and fine lines disappear. Eye creams complement the work of a face cream and eye serum. Choose one from these Gold Elements products:

  • Virtuose 24K Gold Concentrated Age Defying Eye & Neck Cream
  • Advanced Truffles Brightening Eye Cream
  • Truffle Infusion Eye Cream
  • Age Treatment Eye Cream

8 – Neck Cream and Neck Serum
The neck needs moisture and protection as well. Neck creams and serums care for your neck in the same way that luxury skin care products for the face and eye do . Here are some options you have:

  • Truffle Infusion Neck Cream
  • Truffle Infusion Neck Serum
  • Age Treatment Decollete Cream

9 – Wrinkle Filler
Those who have more serious problems with wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet may use the specialized products below. Gold Elements wrinkle fillers are specially designed to erase the most evident signs of aging. Feel free to pick one of these 24k gold skin care products:

  • Truffle Infusion Brightening Filler
  • Virtuose 24k Gold ConcentratedAge Defying Wrinkle Minimizer
  • Advanced Truffles Eye Contour Wrinkle Treatment
  • Advanced Truffles Brightening Wrinkle Filler

10 – Body Care: Moisturizers, Salt Scrubs, and More
After caring for your face, the next course of action is to care for your body as well. Gold Elements vows to provide everyone with quality products that would pamper every part of your body. Here are some of the luxury skin care products to buy:

  • Golden Body Butter
  • Golden Salt Scrub
  • Gold Elements Nail Kit
  • Homme – Intense Perfume
  • Homme – After Shave Balm
  • Truffle Infusion Body Butter
  • Décolleté Cream Treatment
  • Intensive Cleaning and Softening Lotion

Customer Service

In addition to providing the highest quality luxury skin care products, the mission of Gold Elements includes providing impeccable customer service to its customers. Aside from our many stores that can personally handle your skin care needs, Gold Elements’ online shop has a live customer service department that can assist you with your every need. There’s also a live chat support team that could address your questions in real time. The website also has an order status page to manage your orders and check your deliveries.

On top of quality products and superior customer service, Gold Elements is here to make sure that every customer, whether new or loyal, gets the best treatment. We want to ensure that you have a wonderful experience with our products and service. It is our desire that you experience the wonderful effects of 24k gold skin care products. Gold Elements always stands by its promise of delivering quality luxurious skin care products.

Hassle-Free Online Shopping

Gold Elements aims to reach all people who would like to try and enjoy 24k gold infused skin care. That’s why they encourage everyone who are not near the 30 Gold Elements stores in the US to shop online without worries. Additionally, Gold Elements offers online perks that other websites may not provide.

For starters, Gold Elements has zero shipping fees for orders over $150. That’s a huge savings for those who intend to buy a one month’s supply of our products. Every order is processed the same day for a trouble-free shopping experience. We assure that your orders will reach you in two to four days. Should any concern arise, there’s a live customer service hotline to call at 651-301-8818.

Gold Elements also ships worldwide, which makes the products even more accessible to users anywhere in the globe. You don’t need to be a resident of the United States or use a special shipping service just to try or use Gold Elements Products. Furthermore, each product is specially packed to protect your privacy.

Free samples are also available for everyone. Every now and then, there are free samples up for grabs at the website, including the high-ticket, premium priced products. We want our customers to be very comfortable with our products, so we’re willing to send them samples for customer evaluation.

And if you sign up with our newsletter, you would get discounts and special offers. We treat our first-time customers as royalty. We want your first shopping experience to be a wonderful one. Sign up now and become a Gold Elements satisfied customer and a certified user of luxury skin care products!


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A superior, mega all in one skin treatment inspired by unique plastic surgeons techniques, formulated to suspend the effects of time and restore the skin’s lost youth. For smooth, supple, plump and translucent looking skin.


The first step in any skin care ritual, helping condition and balance the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth and healthy looking. Within time this skin care will assist in reversing the damage caused by exposure to the elements and reduce the appearance of skin discoloration, dark spots and wrinkles.

Your body needs love too, and good skin care is not only all about the face, treat your body with tender loving care. Experience the Gold Elements Body collection, made up of luxurious and natural ingredients that your skin will absolutely love.


Inspired by advanced cosmetic research our age defying skin care contains effective anti-aging ingredients combined with trace elements of gold to give a youthful, wrinkle less appearance to your skin.


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The ultimate luxury in age defying created with our truffle infusion to provide a mega dose of minerals, moisturizing, strengthening, and nourishing ingredients helping promote a lifted skin appearance with luxurious skin resilience, smoothness and radiance.

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