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Travel Guide: Skin Care Tips for your next Trip

Gold Elements Skin Care Travel Guide

It’s quite the task to travel and look beautiful. For many beauty enthusiasts, it’s pretty difficult to whittle down a wardrobe when looking for a few good outfits to wear on your next holiday travel. More will agree that it is even harder to settle on the best and most travel-friendly skincare routine. Aside from the 3.4-ounce size limit challenge, there is also the problem of space. Traveling with beauty products can be tricky. We should know, we are in the skin care business. Between the overflowing carry-on bags and strict security rules, it is important to do a bit of planning before you go.

What do you need?

On a good day, it should be easy to pack your normal skin care products isolated in a unique suitcase. Unfortunately, our vanity is not the same, and that advice will probably not apply to everyone. Nowadays, the skin care market has evolved to new levels. For instance, some new TSA-approved skincare products are more conveniently placed for travel than others.

Decisions decisions…

To make the decision on the products to use on your travel, you should consider where you are going and how long you will be gone. If your destination has a cool climate overall, you should try out some peptide treatment. Dry, cold air is known to dehydrate the skin and can strip moisture from it. Stash the ever-reliable Professional Cleansing Foam in your bag to rehydrate on the go.

Headed for a humid, or tropical getaway?

If you are, then a gel cream is usually more favorable. In that case, the D’or Facial Cream is perfect for the task. However, Dr. Vickers, an expert dermatologist, maintains that no matter where you are going, and whether it’s snowy or sunny, daily SPF is an absolute must!

There is a lot of advice out there about how to take care of your skin when traveling. Unfortunately, not everyone tells you the hard truth, most of those ‘tips’ are not guaranteed to help you with that cause. At least not all of us.

For instance, there is a common tip that advise you to switch the products you are using and opt for a ‘travel-friendly’ bunch. But that is actually NOT the best thing to do. Switching to new skin care products just because they are packaged well and ‘travel-friendly’ or ‘ready to go’ is not the best approach. After all, why let your skin suffer just because you want to spare a little extra room in the bag. Since you have no idea how your skin will react to the new product, it’s not really worth it.

Our recommendation

At the Gold Elements store, most of the products are already in the perfect size for travel. This means you can fit them in your carry-on without needing to compromise on quality. Also, you won’t need to transfer them to your one-quart bag. Below, we have compiled some of the easiest but effective tips for traveling lighter and smarter without your skin paying the price.

The tips you need for your next travel!

The first thing to do when traveling is to create a workable skin care routine. This should include all the vital products you will need along the way. Here, be careful when choosing which products to carry in smaller containers. A bad decision here may prove ugly in the future. The reason to be wary is just as you would suspect. Many crucial ingredients in your favorite product may deteriorate or degrade when exposed to air. Hence, transferring them into a transparent container or jar may negatively affect the formula’s efficiency.

Avoid Dehydration

Never leave hydrating and brightening products at home and for obvious reasons. Additionally, products that treat acne, clogged pores or redness are a must for the road. All those products help you maintain consistency on your skin.

While on your long journey, treat your eyes and the rest of your face with a face moisturizer.

Next items on your carry-on bag should be a lip and body treatment balm. This product works great when treating patches of extreme dryness anywhere, more so around the eyes.


For anybody who would like to learn the hard way, I would urge them to stop, others have learned the hard way so you won’t have to.

We are talking sunscreen! Sunscreen (SPF) should be the first item on your travel beauty bag.

Sunscreen is your shield against the harmful UV rays originating from the sun. However, for sunny and warm weather destinations, you will more likely use more sunscreen than you carried with you. All this sunscreen cannot fit in your luggage as it uses too much space. As such, it is better to buy these products at your final destination. Alternatively, you can ship your most important products to your destination in advance to avoid too much luggage at the airport. That way, your favorite products will already be waiting for you upon arrival!

Always remember to reapply sunscreen after long flights. Some of these long and sometimes tiresome flights are mostly characterized by a day time landing. This calls for an extra layer of protection, especially in these changing environments.

When that is taken off, then you can be free to leave facial masks at home, but only in one condition…visit a spa while at it, do it for you.


Cleansers are the most travel-friendly in the whole bunch. Their ingredients are stable and not complicated. Because of that, they are easily transferable into travel-sized containers without spoiling the fun. Alongside cleansers, makeup removal wipes can come in handy in your overall travel routine. They also make up the list of new TSA approved skin care products that add value to your travel beauty kit without compromising quality.


Most of us love toners for reasons than one. However, when everything else is considered, this is perhaps the only beauty step that you can afford to leave out of your routine for the duration of your travel. At least for a couple of weeks or just a weekend.


Don’t step out of your house without exfoliators. Believe me, your skin will not rejoice at all when you do. Luckily, exfoliators are just like cleansers, the ingredients are less complex and can last a few weeks when transferred into a more convenient travel container.

Brushes and Scrubs

Scrubs and brushes fit perfectly in the ‘optional’ category. With enough space, a good scrub never hurt anybody. If not, they can stay at home as long as you find an adequate replacement.

In this case, it shouldn’t be hard at all. A soft washcloth works perfectly and works in tandem with your face cleanser.

Body Products

Last but not least, body products can prove too big for your luggage. Travel sizes are almost unheard off when it comes to these. In such a scenario, only carry what you need. If you have acne, bumps or any condition that needs attention, don’t leave without the right product for the job!

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