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The Difference Between Low End and High End Skin Care Products

Have you ever wondered why some skin care products are priced higher than the others? The ingredients used in the products and the processes involved in manufacturing them spell the difference. But how can you really tell which is the low-end brand and which is the high end skin care product? That’s the secret we would like to share with you today.

Luxury Skin Care Products Defined

Price is never the sole indicator if a product is high end or low end. Always think of it this way: the price you pay for any product corresponds to the manufacturer’s total expenses in developing and distributing them, plus their profits.

So aside from the rich concentration, high level of purity, and quality of active ingredients present in them, you’re also paying for a whole lot of things. The price tag also includes lab research fees, manufacturing costs, advertising and marketing campaigns, brand positioning strategies, packaging, and much more. Consider all of these things and then ask yourself, “Is the price I’m paying really worth the high end skin care product I’m getting?”

Maybe not. You could be paying a huge amount of money on things that don’t really matter. These are TV ads, celebrity endorsers, Times Square billboards, and the whole shebang. What you may be holding in your hands is a low-end skin care product marketed as high end by your favorite movie star. Does that sound fair?

How to Differentiate Low-End from High End Skin Care Products

Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. If you are in the market for high end facial products, be sure that you are really getting your money’s worth. To know if you are getting the best deal, strip the product of all the hype and glamor. Go down to the sheer basics. Are the ingredients inside that bottle worth its $599 price tag?

First stop, check the ingredients list. Do a little experiment. Go get a drug store skin care product, let’s say an eye cream, and list all the ingredients you see on the label. Now go to a popular beauty boutique, and check out their high end facial products. Find a product that’s very similar to your drug store brand. Pull out your ingredients list and compare its contents with the pricier brand side-by-side. Do you see any notable difference? Is there any ingredient that stands out?

The skin care products you can purchase at your local drug store are considered low end. The ones in the exclusive beauty boutiques are the high-end skin care lines. There should be something in the latter that makes it more special than the former. If you see one or a couple of ingredients that are different, take note of them. Your next step is to find out what those special ingredients can do for you.

Hopefully, you will really find that one important ingredient. If you can’t, then you are just paying for all the advertising hype of that pricier skin care brand all along. You’re not getting your full money’s worth. It’s time make the switch.

Real Luxury Skin Care

Luxury skin care is never about advertising or marketing hype. As what the experts always say, a good product sells itself. That is very true with skin care products as well. High end facial products perform as promised. They deliver everything stated on the label. The unique ingredients included in the formulations serve as the product’s ultimate selling point.

These products work with or without celebrity endorsers. They have rave reviews everywhere. And they provide immediate results. If you try the product, you can actually feel its lavishness. You need not be convinced that the product really works. You can vouch for it yourself.

What Makes High End Facial Products Stand Out from the Rest?

Today’s high end facial products could contain many ingredients, but only two ingredients really stand out from the rest, It’s gold and truffles. Gold is the ultimate symbol of luxury. Recent discoveries have led beauty and health researchers to the intricate properties of gold that could benefit the skin. When applied on the skin, gold leaves an unmistakable radiance. With continued use, it gives the skin a nice, youthful glow.

Truffles, on the other hand, are rare mushrooms used in a lot of expensive cuisines worldwide. If you want to make any dish taste great, add truffles to it. However, it is near impossible to cultivate truffles because they only grow during the winter season and require the use of specially trained animals. Research has shown that truffles contain high amounts of amino acids that are beneficial to the skin. They stimulate collagen production and leaving the skin feeling healthy and young. Manufacturers took advantage of that discovery. That’s how truffles have found itself as a prized ingredient of high end skin care products.

Now, answer this question: “Do your high end facial products contain these ingredients?” If they don’t, then you have not experienced the ultimate luxury skincare product just yet.

Luxury Skin Care Defined

Gold Elements is one of the elite companies that have successfully developed a high end skin care line that contains both truffles and gold. The perfect combination of these two ingredients produces the most potent skin care products that your skin can enjoy. Let your skin indulge in the luxury of gold and truffles. Experience high end skin care like you deserve it.

With Gold Elements, you are sure that you’re getting your full money’s worth. You’re not paying for advertising or marketing at all. There are no superfluous billboards or TV ads to worry about. There are no paychecks for supermodels. You only pay for the quality of the product, nothing more and nothing less.

One application and you’ll feel the difference. Your skin will have a natural glow to it. It’s more radiant and younger looking. People will see the change in you. They can’t help but notice how beautiful you have become overnight. That’s the magic of gold and the wonder of truffles working on your skin. And it’s all yours to enjoy day in and day out. So pamper yourself with luxury skin care products. Experience all of Gold Elements’ high end facial products today.

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