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The Benefits of Drinking Water on Your Skin

Staying hydrated is essential and necessary for your overall health. Water in your body plays a vital role in digestion and circulation. The skin being an organ in your body, actually, the largest organ, needs water for its health. You have probably heard this statement thousands of times ‘drink at least eight glasses of water a day.’ This does not refer to your well-being and digestion, it will also have you feeling and looking better.

When you drink water, the body cells become hydrated and nourished, including the skin cells. This might sound cliché and a little obvious, but drinking water is the easiest beauty treatment you can apply. Now don’t throw your precious beauty products out the window just yet; water is excellent at enhancing your natural beauty; however, it does not work alone, so keep those hydrating masks close.

Your skin is largely made up of water, and its lack of it will cause dryness, have your skin tighten and become flaky. It also makes you prone to aging. With your body losing significant amounts of water during the day it is of absolute importance to replace it by drinking more water. An interesting fact about the skin is that it is quite easy to see the consequences of not hydrating.

Still not convinced you need to drink more water? Take a look at these benefits.

  1. Your Skin Looks Younger.

Drinking water may not fully cure wrinkles; however, hydration will help your skin look younger and reduce visible fine lines. Dehydration, especially prolonged dehydration, will have your skin shriveled, dry, and exhibit skin damage. By drinking water, you help the skin maintain a healthy amount of moisture and increase elasticity.

  1. Skin Elasticity Increases.

We already established that the body loses large amounts of water daily, hence losing moisture by the skin. Low humidity in the skin makes it tight and prone to damage when stretched. If you are looking to reduce stretch marks, supplement your treatment by drinking water. A well-hydrated skin can easily be stretched without causing any damage. Hydrating is like muscle stretching but for your skin.

  1. Helps Clear Acne.

Acne is incredibly common, especially in adults.

This is a widespread skin problem that can sometimes cause self-esteem issues, especially in women. Drinking water regularly can help solve this issue; that is, if your acne is not hormonal. Hormonal acne might require more specific and professional treatment; however, drinking water is a great supplement. Water helps in flushing out toxins and shrinking your pores, making them less likely to clog up.

  1. Improves Skin Complexion and Glow

As we know, the skin is largely made up of water; therefore, dehydration will cause it to become flaky, itchy, and even ashy. Not very attractive, right? This is why lotion moisturizers help in smoothening out your skin and bring out some form of glow. A more natural and cheaper way to achieve this is to treat your skin from the inside out. By drinking enough water, the digestive system flushes out toxins from the body. This leaves you feeling healthy and improves your skin complexion. A study by the University of Missouri-Columbia on the effects of oral hydration showed that drinking water increases blood flow to the skin, which then helps to even out your skin tone.

  1. Helps Combat Skin Conditions Such as Eczema.

According to medical news today, eczema is a skin condition where patches of the skin become inflamed, itchy, cracked, and rough. Experts recommend that to supplement medical treatments of this condition effectively, one should drink water regularly. Hydrated skin is less prone to inflammation and itchiness. In addition to oral hydration, experts also recommend taking regular showers to ensure the skin is not dry.

  1. Works Against Sunken Eyes.

Dehydrated skin has many signs that give you away quite easily. Did you know that deep, sunken eyes are not only caused by old age? That’s right; sunken eyes can be caused by dehydration and fatigue. Drinking enough water daily will have your eyes looking fresh and brighten up your entire face.

  1. Balances Your pH.

During the day, you interact with the environment and consume different food and drinks, which can contribute to an imbalance in your pH. If you have sensitive or problematic skin, you know the importance of having your pH balanced. Regular oral hydration is a super-easy way to restore your pH and have your skin free from blemish and give you that natural glow.

  1. Speed Up Healing.

Sunburn is a common skin damage that can be irritating and sometimes even painful. Aloe vera is known to help in healing sunburn while water will assist in speeding up the healing process. So next time you are out in the sun too long with no sunscreen on, and end up with a sunburn, just get yourself a few glasses of water.

  1. Reduces Itch.

Dehydration causes you to have dry skin, that’s obvious at this point. Dry skin is prone to itching, flaking, and cracking. Solving this is so simple and pretty obvious, just hydrate by drinking sufficient amounts of water. By staying hydrated, your skin is less likely to crack and become flaky.

  1. Reduces the Size of Pores.

Throughout the day, your pores get clogged due to oil production and can enlarge.

By consistently drinking water, you assist in balancing out the oil and water on the skin surface. This helps reduce the size of your pores, which in turn reduces acne breakouts and blemish.

Here is a bonus benefit of drinking water. As mentioned above, if you are struggling with sagging skin either from aging or weight loss, water intake increases skin elasticity. What this does is it makes your skin bounce back from sagging. Amazing, right?

By applying the above ten plus benefits of drinking water, your skin will be thanking you by glowing and having you looking ten years younger, pun intended.

This week’s challenge is for those who don’t like to take water. How about making the 8 glasses of water a day easy to achieve by taking a glass of water every 2 hours? Tell us about your progress and the results you’ve experienced on our social media pages.


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