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Summer Skincare Tips For Oily Skin

It is summertime (hello sunshine), and even though we are not going to the beach as much we usually would, summer is still summer, the temperatures are high and again rising. An increase in temperatures comes with higher humidity levels. The rise in humidity and temperature levels encourages the production of sebum by sebaceous glands. If your skin is less than a matte look in normal circumstances, then this increase in oil production leads to an undesired facial oiliness during the summer season.

Sebum contains lipids and fats that protect the skin from harmful environmental elements and dryness. Too much of it can cause your skin’s surface to experience extra oiliness, which can be uncomfortable, especially in hot conditions. The sebaceous glands are most concentrated on your face, especially the T-zone, where the shiny look is most prominent.

Having oily skin has its pros and con. The advantages include; constant moisture on your skin, few wrinkles, and plump skin. On the other hand, the disadvantages of having oily skin are; clogged pores and the increase in possible acne breakouts. Managing oily skin in the summer requires your full attention; nevertheless, it is absolutely worth it.

Now don’t dread the summer season just yet, here are a few easy tips for caring for your oily skin and maintaining that glow and radiance.

  • Proper Cleansing

Cleaning your face during the summer is of absolute importance. However, do not over wash. It is very tempting to keep cleaning your face more often than usual, and we advise that you overcome this temptation. It is advisable to clean your face twice a day, in the morning and just before bed. Cleansing gets rid of dirt, sweat, and extra oil that gathers on your skin surface.

It is vital to pick a cleanser that is favorable for oily skin for best results. The Gold Elements Intensive Multi-Task Facial Cleanser would be a good choice. It exfoliates, conditions, and rebalances your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and looking healthy.

  • Dial Down on Make-Up

With heat and humidity in the atmosphere, it might be wise to cut down on your makeup application. If possible, you could channel some Alicia Keys energy and do a makeup-free look this summer. If you can not entirely go makeup-free, you might need to adjust your makeup routine. For instance, you could forego the foundation to allow your pores to breathe.

Makeup melting will cause your pores to clog, pushing your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Not good for already oily skin. A tip to apply would be to sweat-proof your makeup. Here’s how: use waterproof eyeliner and mascara, opt for the more light-weight primers and always finish off your makeup with a setting spray. A setting spray will keep it from melting and have you looking glam all day. ‘

  • Sunscreen Is A Must Have

It might feel counterintuitive to use sunscreen on oily skin. It is summertime, and sunburns are not cute, so sunscreen is not something you can afford to forego. You will need to switch up your sunscreen in this period from a creamy one to a more light-weight one. In addition to its consistency, do not slather your face with sunblock, that will cause discomfort, and we want you to enjoy the outdoors, not dreading them. A healthy amount of it will help control the oil and shine; a teaspoon is enough.

The most vital part of sunblock selection is always going for a sunscreen with a broad ultraviolet spectrum, 30SPF or higher is a great choice.

  • Hydrate Your Skin

Oily skin is known for its ability to self -moisturize; however, with hot weather, you lose moisture more hence more oil production resulting in excess oil on your skin surface. Therefore, actively hydrating slows down sebum production. Treating your skin to a hydrating mask at least once or twice a week will do your skin good. A mask will hydrate and de-grease your skin.

Always thoroughly clean your face before applying the mask. A good mask will take care of fatigue, blemishes, and soothe your skin.

  • Drink More Water

Oral hydration is equally as important. We always say your skin should be taken care of from the inside out. Last week we discussed the benefits of drinking water; if you did not get to read that post, then this would be an opportune time to do just that.

Water not only helps to flush out toxins, but it also cools off your body temperature. Keeping your skin cool is a fantastic way to control sebum production. Other methods of cooling your skin are; using aloe vera, cucumber juice, or rubbing an ice cube. It is important to note that these steps should be taken in moderation.

  • Blotting Oil

Over cleansing or over-washing your skin, as we mentioned, can be very tempting, which could cause skin dryness and overproduction of oil. Instead of regularly washing your face, blotting the oil is a great alternative.

You could use blotting paper or plain tissue like that used in gift wrapping. Blotting is an inexpensive way to clean out the excess oil. Plus, you can fit them a few in your bag for convenience to use all through your day.

  • Cut Down on Spicy Foods and Alcohol

I can already hear you sighing for taking the highlights of summer away. Do keep in mind that you are what you eat. Spicy foods and alcohol, especially in the hot summer season, can do more harm than good to the skin. They raise your body heat, causing you to sweat more. Sweating is not necessarily a bad thing. On the other hand, it can cause your pores to clog if it stays on the skin’s surface for too long.

Consequently, if you would like to keep your chilies, spices, and cocktails, ensure you are blotting and dabbing the excess sweat and oil in the day. In addition to that, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, I cannot emphasize that enough.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliating is a vital part of any skincare routine, most notably for those with oily skin. During the summer, it is advisable to exfoliate regularly to maintain skin smoothness. Exfoliation not only smoothens your skin but also improves your skin tone, rids it off dulling skin cells, and enhances your skin receptiveness to oil-control ingredients.

We advise that you see a professional skin therapist before beginning your exfoliation process. A professional will prescribe the correct exfoliant for you that is either a physical or chemical exfoliant.

  • Apply a Toner

A toner is commonly known for its restoration of the skin’s pH after cleansing. During the warm summer conditions, a toner will come in handy to combat sweat induced breakouts. After washing your face, the toner does the final sweep of any leftover oil, dirt, sunscreen, and dead skin cells.

Another benefit of using a toner is its ability to shrink pores. It tightens and cleanses the pores leaving little room for oil and dirt to enter. Applying toner is a skincare step you cannot afford to skip.

With these tips, you are now fully equipped to enjoy your summer without worrying about your skin. Connect with us on our social media platforms, telling us how the tips are working for you.

Happy New Month!


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