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Spa – 10 Benefits of Spa You Can’t Ignore

We are living in crazy times. The kind of times that make us want to escape into another world every so often even if it’s just for a few hours. For many, just to shut off from all the external stimulation or as a way to ‘relax’ on airplane mode. The urgent need for people to step away especially in the urban setups has become an increased reality.

So what to do or where to go? A spa.

A spa in these times is not only a blessing but a safe haven that lets you indulge so you can get some much needed ‘me’ time. A spa allows you to shut off from the busy world so you may relax, recharge, reflect, detox and of course, beautify. Modern-day spas have the ability to cater to a host of health-promoting experiences.

Touch therapy, for instance, has been studied for years and dates back into the ancient world. Touch therapy and spa have an intricate relationship. Nothing beats the touch of a skilled therapist after a long day. What many people may not be fully aware of are the many benefits that come with a spa. The nurturing nature of therapy has benefits beyond just the physical attributes. We are going to discuss the 17 benefits you can expect through spa and massage.

Not many people will need a lot of convincing to take a spa and bath. For starters, they are pretty enjoyable on their own and are known to relieve stress while leaving your face clean and refreshed. However, there are even more reasons and benefits awaiting you at your nearest spa.

  1. Can Cleanse Your Body

When the heat comes into contact with your skin, your pores open up. This is a good thing because a clean environment like the spa area allows your skin to ‘breathe’. With open pores, your skin lets the water take its course and gives it a chance to clean out unwanted dirt and toxins from your skin.

The results? Potentially clearer skin and refreshed feeling. All this detoxification makes you feel better as well!

  1. Better Cardiovascular health

Immersing yourself in water up to your neck for relaxation or any other reason gives you a proper cardiac workout. According to Bruce Becker, M.D, this happens because water puts pressure on your body and in return increases your cardiac volume. This pressure makes your heart work harder and in return helps it stay healthy.

  1. Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Sitting in a spa bath can help lower your blood pressure. According to Thomas Allison, M.P.H., Ph.D. a Mayo Clinic researcher, a spa bath is great for anyone at risk of heart disease or if you have hypertension. Of course, you should consult a doctor first if you suffer from any of the above conditions. However, since your heart rate increases during a hot spa bath, it also lowers your blood pressure and again, boosts cardiovascular health.

  1. May Alleviate Aches and Pains

Like I mentioned above, hot water generally helps relax your body. The same effect hot water has on your muscles can be felt on your aches and pains.

Some body pains, like the ones caused by athletic injuries like muscle pulls or arthritis, can be soothed with hot water. When you are in pain, a good immersion will definitely help you feel better. Well, at least just as long as it’s not a broken bone we are talking about. That will require special attention.

  1. Boosts Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

Good feelings come with good vibes. When you feel good, you have positive thoughts. A spa experience can do these amazing things for you. The mental benefits are there for you and everyone to see.

When you enter a spa bath feeling awful and you come out cheered up, you can trust this will have a positive effect on your confidence. If you are attending a big event, and it’s giving you the butterflies, a good spa session can help you relax just in time. This will also have a good effect on your self-esteem and mental state.

  1. Can Help with Weight Loss & Diabetes

A recent study has shown that regular spa baths have a positive effect on people with diabetes. First, they can aid in reducing their blood sugar and blood glucose levels. Additionally, a spa bath of approximately 30 minutes for six days a week helped study participants reduce a minimum of 4 pounds in a month. This was achieved with a consistent diet and the same exercise routine.

  1. Helps You Sleep

This one couldn’t be easier to explain and understand. Hot water helps your body relax and in return helps you sleep. When you expose your tense body to a hot tub of water, your body temperature rises and relaxes your muscles. This tires your body afterward and may help you sleep better and faster. However, don’t go to a spa bath looking to fall asleep in it. That is obviously a very bad idea.

  1. Fights Headaches

Thanks to the relaxation, warmth and dilated blood vessels, spa baths are great for fighting headaches. Dilated blood vessels help in decreasing the pressure in your head. This helps get rid of headaches as you continue with the warmth and relaxation process. If headaches are a nuisance to you, no need to fill your body with too many pills, just visit a good spa and fix it for good.

  1. Helps Reduce Stress

A hot or warm spa bath is not only good for you literally, but also figuratively. Immersing yourself inside warm water and feeling the sweet sensations helps reduce stress on a big scale. Reduced stress results in great improvement on your mental and physical state. This in return promotes a positive feeling of overall well-being.

  1. Fights Anxiety

Spa baths can help tackle anxiety, a problem that affects a lot of people. The relaxation, heat and stress relief from spa baths will leave you feeling less anxious. In most cases, depending on levels, you will need more than just one spa session to rid yourself of all your anxiety. Luckily, every bit helps greatly.

Is a spa the answer?

With all said and done, spa baths are not always for everyone. People with heart disease are advised to be cautious to avoid any cardiovascular complications. Hot tubs and baths cause sweating and hence require you to hydrate well with proper moisturizers to avoid dehydration.

Like in many different cases, pregnant women should be careful as hot water may not be too friendly with the baby.

In conclusion, spa baths are beneficial yes, but they are not miracle workers. They complement a healthy lifestyle better than they are as the focal point. So, feel free to enjoy a good soak every now and then and enjoy!


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