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An Expert Skincare Guide for Combination Skin

Keeping your skin in check can be harder than it sounds. It can be even harder if you are dealing with two different skincare issues. Introducing combination skin. This is the equivalent 0f having two skin types in one. Usually, combination skin means you have an oily t-zone and dry cheeks. If you are always in a dilemma due to this skin type, keep reading to transform your skin with our expert skincare guide for combination skin.

First things first, how do you determine if you have combination skin? Knowing your skin type should be the first step in any expert skincare guide for combination skin. There are various indicators that can help you with that. One of the sure factors is how your skin reacts to changing weather patterns. For instance, if your skin is oily in the summer and dry in the winter, then you can conclude that you have combination skin.

Another major indication of combination skin is constant oiliness and dryness in different parts of your skin. In so many cases, people with combination skin tend to have an oily t-zone with dry skin elsewhere. The t-zone extends from the forehead to the nose, chin, and around the mouth. As such, the jawline and cheeks will tend to have dry patches and sometimes appear flaky depending on the weather.

Mostly, this process affects individuals who produce more estrogen in the upper part of the face and increased testosterone in the lower part. Unfortunately, testosterone production can trigger acne because oil glands become sensitive to it.

Lastly, your pore size will sometimes point you to your skin type. If you have bigger pores on the nose compared to cheeks and chin, you’ll have combination skin.

So How Do You Treat Combination Skin?

Typically, you can’t use the same products around your entire face when it comes to combination skin. If you have extremely oily or extremely dry areas of your face, you can target each area differently based on those needs. Depending on the level of contrast in the face, our expert skincare guide for combination skin recommends using different products for the face to tackle every concern.

Rebalancing Combination Skin

Our skincare guide for combination skin will show you how to rebalance this complex skin type in two simple steps.

Adjust Your Skin Care Regimen

To rebalance combination skin, adjust your skincare regimen, so it starts with gentle exfoliation, cleansing, and ends with hydration. More importantly, make sure to have a consistent program. Irregular skincare shifts can shock the skin due to changing acid pH levels. If you have combination skin, you are well-advised to avoid most alcohol-based products. Also, avoid oils that are high in oleic acid like sunflower and coconut oil. In some cases, combination skin is sensitive to specific emollients like paraffin or certain waxes.

Adjust Your Diet

Any skincare guide for combination skin would be incomplete without mentioning the role that diet plays on overall skin integrity. When it comes to nutrition, some foods and ingredients are enemies to combination skin. For starters, you should limit your consumption of dairy, salt, alcohol, and caffeine as much as you can. Some of these foods and their ingredients are capable of triggering oily or dry skin.

Skin Care Regimen for Combination Skin

#1. Cleanse: Cleansing is an essential step for combination skin. For this skin type, you want to make sure you use a gentle cleanser for both your morning and nighttime routine.

Cleansing helps to remove the excess oil on your T-zone without affecting the rest of your face. For your nighttime routine, however, dermatologists recommend double-cleansing. For best results, get started with cleansing oil and follow it up with a water-based cleanser. The Age Treatment Cleansing Oil from Gold Elements is just the cleanser for the job. It combines a rich yet mild cleansing action that will effectively give your skin a relaxing treat.

#2. Exfoliate: Just like any other skin type, combination skin requires a fair share of exfoliation. This process helps remove dead skin cells and dirt that may build up on the surface. By exfoliating regularly, you are encouraging consistent cell renewal for healthier and refreshed skin. The Truffle Infusion Salt Scrub from Gold Elements is an excellent exfoliator for combination skin thanks to its gentle, natural, salt crystals formula. These crystals are absorbed into a mixture of delicate and nourishing oils that leave your skin feeling extra soft and silky.

We recommend exfoliating only once or twice a day. This helps to avoid over scrubbing your skin and causing more damage

#3. Tone: Another essential step, toning, helps your combination skin stay balanced. It achieves this by rebalancing the skin to its optimum pH level. It also helps to tone and tighten your pores. The Intensive Cleaning and Softening Toner from Gold Elements provide you with a silky, cleansing, softening, and moisturizing formula that gently tones and rehydrates your complexion. It helps clear dead skin cells and allows your skin to “breathe” while soothing it. The result is perfectly clean, soft, and comforted skin.

#4. Moisturize: Regardless of skin type, moisturizing is one of the most critical steps for combination skin. If you belong in the combination skin family, then you will want to replenish all your dry areas while ensuring that your T-zone is always hydrated too. When the T-zone is dehydrated, it can trigger increased oil production to compensate for the lost moisture. The Royal “White Pearl” Facial Cream from Gold Elements is a gentle, multi-task, moisturizing cream with refreshing ingredients that help counteract the external evidence of skin aging. This cream helps to condition and rebalance your skin for a fresh, smooth, and healthy-looking skin.

#6. Apply Sunscreen

Every skincare guide expert out there will tell you that sunscreen is one of the most important products for your overall skin health. Also, it should be the final step of your skincare regimen, just before applying makeup.
Whether you are indoors or outdoors, make sure you have worn enough sunscreen to keep those notorious UV rays away from your skin.

Bottom Line

If your skin is not notoriously oily or dry, there are other fun steps you can add to your regimen. For instance, if your mission is to brighten your skin, a vitamin C serum will get the job done. Alternatively, retinol can help with hyperpigmentation and will even your skin tone. If you want to see some changes with your combination skin, start making changes now, and enjoy some positive changes.

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