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Skin Care Tips for Sun Damaged Skin

You are probably aware that sun damage is a serious problem. Sun exposure can cause all sorts of skin conditions and illnesses. Next thing you know you are scouring the web for skin care tips for sun-damaged skin. Before we get into the doom and gloom of the sun, however, keep in mind that regular sun exposure is necessary for your overall health. Your body is naturally designed to get its vitamin D from the sun. However, too much of it can be catastrophic.

This happens automatically when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight. The part of the sun’s rays that is vital for this process is ultraviolet B (UVB). This is the most natural source of vitamin D you will get for free. Unfortunately, too much sun exposure is dangerous for your skin. Hence, it’s vital that you learn how to treat or prevent the effects of sun damage before it happens. This will save you the time you might spend searching for skin care tips for sun-damaged skin when it’s too late.

With today’s environmental neglect, our ozone layer has become depleted. The UV rays that once ended up in the ozone layer now find their way to the planet. When this happens, UV rays become too strong for us. Consequently, they are capable of causing irreversible damage when the skin is exposed to them. Repeated sun exposure takes its toll on the skin and this is the last thing you need.

Sadly, the lighter the skin color, the greater the risk of skin damage from the sun. The sun’s heat dries out moisture from unprotected skin and this can deplete its natural oil. When this happens, the structure of the skin is altered for the worse. This can lead to all sorts of illnesses and skin conditions. With that in mind, you need to protect your skin every time you go outdoors. If you are a victim of sunburn or looking to avoid it, our skin care guide for sun-damaged skin will definitely come in handy.

What Are The Signs of Sun Damaged Skin?

There are a few signs to look out for when dealing with sun-damaged skin. In such a case, it is crucial to know them in advance so you can prepare adequately. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Dry Skin

This is an obvious sign of a sun-baked skin. Sun rays will target your natural oils and moisture when you are exposed. When your natural oil-producing glands are unable to keep up with the rapid evaporation, the skin may start to dry. This causes the skin to appear flaky and consequently, cause premature aging. Ironically, dry skin can be caused by all sorts of reasons. With that in mind, this sun exposure warning sign is sometimes systematically ignored. With the right skin care tips for sun-damaged skin at your fingertips, you get to understand that simply shrugging it off with a lotion or moisturizer may work for a short time, but it takes more than that to reverse all the damage.


If dry skin is not addressed early, your skin may suffer from sunburn afterward. This is already a skin injury by its own right. Exposing your skin to too much UV rays changes the appearance and feel of the skin. Sunburn comes at different levels, each with its own characteristics. A mild sunburn, for instance, will painfully leave your skin looking red. Severe cases, on the other hand, will cause painful blisters and fluid-filled bumps known as vesicles. The more severe your sunburn, the harder and painful the healing process becomes.

Actinic Keratosis

This is when your skin starts to feel like it has tiny bumps that feel a bit like sandpaper. When this happens, then you know you are a bit further in on your sun damage. As you may have guessed, it can only get worse from here. If you are following a strict skin care guide for sun-damaged skin, you can take this as a warning sign telling you to get professional help. Your skin will start to develop scaly patches of colors ranging from red, pink, yellow, red and brown tint. This stage is caused by lengthy and repetitive exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun. Unlike sunburn that goes away after peeling, this condition might require chemical treatment by a physician. Not doing anything about it could lead to a more serious condition, cancer.

If you display any of these signs of sun-damaged skin, it is vital that you act fast. The first step is to make sure that it doesn’t get worse than it already is. It is not just your self-confidence and appearance you are doing this for, but your health as well.

How Do You Prevent Sun Damage?

As the health experts say, prevention is always better than cure. Prevention is the most efficient way to deal with sun damage. Luckily, our time tested skin care tips for sun-damaged skin show you the many ways to deal with sun damage before it happens. Most of the procedures will have to be performed more than once for effectiveness. Although they may sound obvious or small, they will save your skin from suffering. Check them out;

Always Use Proper Sunscreen

This is the most important one of all. Always apply sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Whether you are indoors or out on a stroll, sunscreen must be part of your skin care routine. Just as you use your regular lotions and moisturizers, use sunscreen just as equally.

More importantly, make sure you are using the right moisturizer for your skin type. An SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30 or higher should get the job done. Depending on your current condition, you may have to apply it more than once. Failing to obey a proven skin care guide for sun-damaged skin might undo all your hard work.

Protect Your Lips with Sunblock

Lips are prone to cracking and drying in hot conditions as they are highly exposed. Fortunately, there are products to help you with that. Sunblock products with an SPF of 20 or higher will offer the right protection for your lips.

Limit Your Skin’s Sun Exposure

If you must go outside, always try to limit sun exposure as much as you can. Not only that, you will need to know the best times when it is safe to go outdoors. This is one of the vital skin care tips for sun-damaged skin. If you are in the US for instance, it is not advisable to be outside for too long between 10 am to 3 pm. These are the sun’s best-known peak hours.

Always Protect Yourself

If you must be outside during the hours when the sun is at its peak, learn to always protect yourself. You can do that by wearing sunglasses with UV protection. Additionally, long-sleeved clothes and long pants are also a helpful way of protecting your skin.

Educate Yourself

Stay informed by learning the best ways to protect yourself against sun damage. Take the time to do your research and stay ahead of any possible cause of sun damage. The more you know, the easier it becomes to avoid more problems. Simply put, keep a skin care guide for sun-damaged skin at your fingertips.

Skin Care Solutions for Sun Damaged Skin

Now that we know what to do to avoid sun damage, let’s look at some of the ways to treat sun damage or prevent the symptoms from worsening.

Get your hands on quality skin care

For youthful and sunburn free skin, I always recommend quality skin care products.

Gold Elements store is home to the best skin care solutions in the market. Start your routine with an exfoliator and get rid of the dead cells that have already suffered sun damage. To achieve that, get your hands on the Intensive Multi-Task Facial Cleanser. This product gently exfoliates your skin without being too harsh so your skin remains unscathed. Next, add a moisturizer to try and get back what the sun might have robbed your skin. The Intensive Cleaning and Softening Lotion is ideal for the job and is a vital component in a skin care guide for sun-damaged skin.

One way for your skin to get the nourishment it deserves is by using the Aurarius Advanced Truffles Collection. This set of luxurious gold-infused beauty products give your skin the minerals and enough nourishment for newer, vibrant skin.

Overall, nourishing your skin is your best hope for permanently maintaining healthy skin. Proper nourishment helps revitalize and rejuvenate the skin after a UV ray beating from the sun.


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