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Skin Care Mistakes You Might Be Making Each Day

Today, self-care has become more important than ever. While the world is busy burning itself and making us upset, self-care is just one of the vital aspects of life that can put a smile back to our faces. For many of us, skin care is nothing short of super therapeutic. A night and day routine that is not going away anytime. Self-care allows us to center ourselves while taking care of our skin.

Unfortunately, wearing face masks, creams and serums will count for little if you don’t do it the right way.

Skin care is not the type of thing that you just ‘swoosh by’. Although improvising can sometimes turn out to be fun, always keep in mind that it’s your beautiful face we are talking about. Your face needs the right attention, proper care and just the right products. It’s also vital that you are not swept away by the ever-changing trends of the beauty world. Nowadays, it’s harder to keep up with what works and what is potentially harmful.

Where to Get Started?

Just take the time, learn the skill, find the product, or find somebody who can.

What you need is the right information where skin care is concerned. You can do so by learning from our years of research on the mistakes you could potentially be making in your daily skincare routine.

Spread the word and let’s take better care of our skin!

Mistake #1 You are not Removing Makeup Properly

Removing makeup is equally a task as applying it. It goes beyond simply splashing water on the face. You have to remove everything so you can have a healthy, radiant skin as you plan for the next facial routine. Still on makeup, you never go to bed with your makeup on. By now, that is a skin care law that should not be broken. However beautiful it looks, the makeup has to come off before you retire for bed.

Mistake #2 You are not Washing Your Face Enough

German-based dermatologist Dr. Melanie Hartmann, says that not washing your face enough is yet another skin care mistake. You need to wash your face more than once from the minute you step off your bed in the morning to the time you go back to sleep at night. If you have oily skin especially, this is vital for you

Some of the skincare mistakes on this list are avoidable, like the next one.

Mistake #3 You are Exfoliating All Wrong

Exfoliating properly is yet important another step to a clean skincare routine. You should exfoliate at least once a week to keep off the dead skin and hold moisture inside without drying skin.

When you do not exfoliate like you are supposed to, you risk losing all the benefits that come with this important process like;

Exfoliating helps the skin to remove all the nasty and dead skin cells to leave it looking baby smooth.

When your skin is not getting enough water and sleep, your skin suffers immensely. Skipping your daily dose of water can leave your skin looking dry and flaky, and who wants that.

Mistake #4 Lack of Enough Sleep & Water

Your skin suffers every time if you are not getting enough sleep and water. Lack of quality sleep decreases the amount of required time your body and skin needs to repair itself. Lack of enough water, on the other hand, means you risk your skin being super dry and flaky. Quite frankly, you wouldn’t want any of that.

Mistake #5 You are Skipping Massage

Relaxation through a quality massage especially in the evening gives your skin a fresh glow. This is not just for luxury, but an essential part of your skin and body therapy.

Since most people miss this step and probably don’t even think about it so much, not everyone reaps the full benefits of it.

Now that you know how important this step is, add massage to your skin care routine and you can thank me later. Before every massage, always make sure your hands are clean to avoid applying germs to your pores.

Mistake #6 You are Using the Wrong Pillow Case

What is the right pillowcase? Not every material soothes your face like silk does on a pillowcase. Skin care does not end with taking a shower and applying your favorite skin care products. It is also important how you sleep. A silk pillowcase will help you reduce your chances of getting wrinkles in the morning and in the long run. Tough materials may not be so kind on your skin, so don’t skip this step.

Mistake #7 Using the Wrong Products for Your Skin Type

It’s not a good idea to just go to your cosmetics store and blindly pick a random product that looks appealing to the eye or claims to be superior. Not every product is made for you. Simply do some research before you can buy a product. This will help you find the one that suits your skin type.

Mistake #8 You are not Using the Right Skin Care Order

A skin care routine has its steps, and that order matters. Using the right routine adds a huge difference to your skin results. Dr. Hartmann, a practicing dermatologist, says the right procedure starts with removing your makeup, then following it up with a cleanser, an exfoliator or toner and finally, applying treatments like mists, eye cream, serums, moisturizer, oil and lastly and as importantly, sunscreen.

Wait, there is more…

Mistake #9 Wrong Timing

After cleansing, avoid leaving your face bare for too long. This could be bad news. Cleansing is just the first step to what should be an effective routine. You risk dehydrating your beautiful skin if you don’t follow cleansing with a toner or moisturizer.

Mistake #10 Handling Blemishes the Wrong Way

Not treating blemishes the right way means they might not heal properly. In the case of blemishes, make sure you do the right research before picking random medication. This will allow your skin to heal without any unwanted side effects.

Mistake #11 You are Skipping Sunscreen

You have probably heard this a thousand times already, but the message couldn’t be clearer. Make sure to use sunscreen every day whether it’s sunny or rainy outside. The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in sunscreen is too important for your skin as it protects it against harmful UV rays from the sun.

Mistake #12 You are Using Alcohol-Based Toners

Alcohol-based toners a big no-no. Why? They can dehydrate and dry out your skin, kind of like how you feel after drinking alcohol, too. Stick to alcohol-free toners and you will not have to worry about that mistake.

The next skin care mistake might be familiar, and it’s a serious one.

Mistake #13 Washing Your Face with Bar and Hand Soap

This is the kind of mistake that should make you cringe. Using hand or bar soap on your face is so bad because it robs your skin of all the water it needs. This makes you feel like your skin is being stretched afterward and it’s an uncomfortable feeling.

Mistake #14 You are Using Too Much Moisturizer

Weird one huh? Not so much. If you thought that using too much moisturizer is not a skin care thing, then now you know it is. The right amount of moisturizer hydrates your skin, but too much of it can clog your pores, and that is the last thing you want!

Mistake #15 You are Using Multiple Products at Once

It’s not a crime to get excited when a new product hits the shelves and you want to try it. However, it’s important that you stick to the products that work best for you. Too much experimenting with the hype might leave you with unwanted results. Patience, in this case, is your only friend.

Mistake #16 You are not Talking to the Dermatologist

Simply taking the time to learn about your skin will get you in a better position of self-love and appreciation. You will also be better informed on the dos and don’ts that will give your skin the lasting benefits.

There you have it…the 16 biggest skin care mistakes you might still be making and the ones you need to correct. Share this with the friends who spend too much time and money at the skin care shop and those who are guilty of any or all the mistakes on this list, including yourself!


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Looking for answers about our website, products or services? We are here to help.







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