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Skin Care Guide to Getting Rid of Wrinkles

There is no denying that getting older has its positives. This is usually the time that your career is on the up and you are feeling confident and positive. Unfortunately, it’s also the time that aging signs kick in and you start developing visible wrinkles and noticeable skin dryness. The good news is, there are easy skin care methods you can add to your routine when getting rid of wrinkles in your 40s and 50s. You will be wise to follow these tips to reduce premature aging and wrinkles.

Start with Cleansing

No matter your skin type or skin condition, proper cleansing should be a vital part of your skin care routine. You can choose between a foaming or cream cleanser based on a few factors. For instance, if your skin has visible aging signs, a cream cleanser is better suited for you. This is because the skin loses moisture, nutrients, and natural oil as it matures, leaving it drier. A creamy cleanser comes in handy to help you get that moisture back on the surface of your skin giving it a fresh look. This is an important step in getting rid of wrinkles. The Intensive Cleanse Softening Lotion from Gold Elements is the product for that. It provides a gentle, yet thorough cleansing, conditions and rebalances the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth renewed, and healthy-looking.

Cleansing helps get rid of makeup to maintain healthy skin. A good skin care routine should include night and day cleansing for both short term and long term results. This means you should not skip washing your face before bed. Whether you are removing makeup before bed or starting your day with a clean face, keep cleansing.

Exfoliate Regularly

Where exfoliation is concerned, everyone’s skin is different. While some people can handle daily exfoliation, some may opt for a weekly routine to avoid over-exfoliating. As such, dermatologists remind you to always be keen on your skin to see how it responds. This helps you know how well exfoliation works for you.
Whether or not you are getting rid of wrinkles, exfoliation is a must. This vital process helps your skin clear dead cells and dirt which helps avoid clogging. To achieve this, get your hands on a gentle exfoliator like Gold Element’s Golden Salt Scrub. Nowadays, salt scrub has become a very popular way for women to get smooth and healthy skin. The Golden Salt Scrub is infused with salt and 24k gold powder to nourish the skin with added luxury.

Apply Serum

After cleansing, the next vital step comes in the form of applying serum. Find the perfect serum for your skin in your mission to getting rid of wrinkles. As your skin matures, cell regeneration usually slows down. This causes a visible decrease in your skin’s overall vitality and natural radiance. A lightweight, non-greasy serum like the Age Treatment Face Serum helps renew, soften and keep the skin firm. Over time, serums can also act as a moisturizer and help replenish the skin by adding lost moisture.

Facial Oil for the Morning

Like we mentioned above, the skin’s ability to produce natural oil (sebum) decreases as we age. To make it worse, daily exposure to harmful UV rays doesn’t do you any favors. Sun exposure further compromises the skin’s ability to retain moisture leaving you with dehydrated and lackluster looking skin. To counter this and keep your skin in great shape, get your hands on a lightweight and non-greasy facial oil for its fast absorption.

The right facial oil will help nourish mature skin simply by adding it to your morning routine. For great results, apply four to five drops of the oil and gently spread it across the face with your nose as your focal point. Remember to include your ears, hairline, outer eye area and upper chest.

Target the Eyes

Apart from paying attention to your face, shower your eyes with some much needed love too. Since your eye skin area is more sensitive and vulnerable than the rest of the face, go for targeted eye cream to help get rid of its many aging signs. The skin around the eyes is more vulnerable to under-eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. A specialized eye cream like the Truffle Infusion Eye Cream immediately hydrates this area of the face and with time, plays a huge part in getting rid of wrinkles.

With your fingertips, apply a small amount around the eye and pat gently until it gets absorbed. Add eye cream to both your day and night routines for best results. With or without the visible effects of aging, an eye cream goes a long way and it’s a welcome addition to any skin care regimen.

Moisturize Your Neck and Décolletage Area

A good old moisturizer is easily one of the most important products on our list when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles. However, make the best out of your moisturizer by applying it below your jawline so your chest and décolletage area can reap the benefits too.

The neck is an age screamer and is as just as prone to fine lines as the under-eye area. The Virtuose 24K Gold Concentrated Age-Defying Eye & Neck Cream contains potent anti-aging skin nourishing ingredients alongside traces of 24K gold to give you softer and better looking skin. Just like many of Gold Elements most popular moisturizers, this cream can be used on the face, chest, neck, and hands.

Always Remove Makeup

The habit of removing makeup when the day is done should be engraved on your fingertips. Leftover makeup can do some serious damage to your skin care routine. Hence, your success in getting rid of wrinkles may depend on how well and how often you remove makeup.

For starters, never sleep with makeup on. This terrible skin care habit mostly leads to conditions like dry skin and acne due to clogged pores caused by leftover makeup. Remember, how you remove makeup is also important. Too much scrubbing and rubbing is bad for any age and skin type. As such, try removing your makeup without irritating your skin especially around the eyes.

Scrub or wipe your makeup in an extra gentle manner but do so with micellar water. Thanks to its cleansing ball molecules, micellar water is designed to remove dirt and impurities with relative ease. If your skin is prone to dryness, apply a softener as soon as you are done removing makeup.

Bottom Line

By following this strict skin care routine alongside wrinkle battling products, your chances of getting rid of wrinkles for good improve greatly. This means you no longer have to hide your fine lines and wrinkles behind your concealer and foundation. With this approach, you have the chance to naturally look great while getting out the best version of you.

The Gold Elements store strives to be the go to source for the best products for major skin care concerns. Getting rid of wrinkles is one of those problems they address. With their luxurious products at hand, you will never have to worry about common skin issues again.


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