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Simple Gold Elements Skin Care Routine for Women

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Every woman has her own skin care routine. But if you do it the Gold Elements way, you’ll have wonderful results with absolutely no hassle. Here’s a very simple yet effective skin care routine that you can follow using the best Gold Elements skin care products.

Skin Care for the Body

Caring for your entire body should always be the priority. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do get the best skincare for women:

1. Shower

Going to the shower is a refreshing activity that every woman loves. And since bathing is an everyday ritual, it has to be done correctly for the best results. Don’t go beyond 30 minutes in the shower or your skin gets dry. If you must, hit the bathtub instead and use nourishing oils. For a wonderful time in the shower, use the body wash that suits your skin type.

2. Scrub

A shower won’t be as enjoyable as it should be if you don’t get a good scrub. Now here is where it gets really luxurious. Choose a body scrub from one of the Gold Elements collections. Body scrubs gently remove dead skin cells so that a new layer of skin will out. We recommend either the Truffle Infusion Salt Scrub or the Golden Salt Scrub for this purpose.

3. Hydrate

Your skin needs everyday nourishing and there’s a Gold Elements product that is specially designed for that. For the ultimate hydration of your skin, use either the Truffle Infusion Body Butter or the Golden Body Butter. Be sure to get the body butter that matches your scrub. You’ll get the best effect that way. Additionally, you may also use the Décolleté Cream Treatment for added moisture on the bust area.

4. Nail Care

Now that you’re fully refreshed, caring for the nails comes next. Gold Elements has a very exclusive nail care kit that you can use to keep your fingernails, and possibly your toes, as beautiful as they should be. The Gold Elements Nail Kit contains the Hand and Nail Cream (which is also sold separately), cuticle oil, nail file, and buffing block. With these luxury skin care items in tow, caring for your fingernails has just gotten easier.

Skin Care for the Face

Now that you have pampered your body right, it’s time to indulge your face with some spa-like treatment right from the comforts of your home. Follow these women skin care tips straight from the Gold Elements pros:

1. Cleanse

Deeply cleansing your face is the first and the most essential step to facial skin care. If you want your beauty to radiate, make sure to use a product that doesn’t just wash your face, but also removes all deep-seated impurities. Two of your best choices for this step are the  Professional Cleansing Foam and the Intensive Multi Task Facial Cleanser. The cleansing foam contains delicate crystals that clean the face while removing makeup and impurities. The multi-task cleanser on the other hand, exfoliates the skin as it cleanses. It brings back the balance of your skin to make it healthy.

2. Exfoliate

If you need a more extensive facial exfoliation treatment, Gold Elements recommend the use of D’OR Facial Peeling or the Royal “White Pearl” Facial Peeling Mask. These luxury skin care products are specially developed to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores, and remove deep-seated dirt.

3. Pamper

What’s a good beauty routine without experiencing a soothing relief from a hard day’s work and protection from the harsh elements? Gold Elements has a handful of facial masks that can keep your skin cool, clean, hydrated, and young-looking. Choose among these luxury skin care treatments for women:

4. Tone

Toning the skin is necessary if you want to keep your pores sealed throughout the day. Open pores make the skin prone to the dirt and dust particles in the air, which may cause acne breakouts. Gold Elements’ best toner is the Intensive Cleaning and Softening Toner. It can keep your skin protected from the harsh elements all day long.

5. Treat

Are you looking for ways on how to reduce signs of aging? If you have problems with wrinkles and fine lines, Gold Elements has several wrinkle fillers that can make your skin look plumper in almost an instant. These are precision skin care products that are used only on the problem areas for maximum effect. Your choices are the: Truffle Infusion Brightening Filler, Virtuose 24k Gold Concentrated, Age Defying Wrinkle Minimizer, Advanced Truffles Brightening Wrinkle Filler, and Advanced Truffles Eye Contour Wrinkle Treatment. Use them as designed and those wrinkles and fine lines will disappear overnight.

6. Moisturize

Most of the products included in the Gold Elements skin care product line are moisturizing cream and serums. These are the flagship products of Gold Elements. You will find a cream and serum combo specially designed for the face, eyes, and neck. Among your choices are the:

As you can see, Gold Elements has your entire skin care regimen covered. Women have everything they’ll ever need right here!

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