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Puffy Under Eyes: The Common Causes and Fixes

If you’re constantly looking to find the perfect way to get rid of puffy under eyes, then you are well at home here.

There are many reasons why you may get puffy under eyes. From inherited facial features, eye fatigue, allergies, and stress. Individual skin characteristics like texture can also contribute to this condition.

In desperation, many people turn to home remedies like cucumber slices or anti-hemorrhoid creams like Preparation H to get rid of puffy under eyes. Unfortunately, home remedies may only be able to relieve you temporarily. If you are looking for a permanent solution, you are better advised to look elsewhere.

What Causes Puffy under Eyes?

In most cases, swelling under or around the eyes is caused by an excessive accumulation of fluids also known as edema. The swelling occurs in the surrounding skin tissue which is very thin and sensitive. This area is highly vulnerable to discoloration. But, why does the fluid accumulate in the first place? Puffy under eyes is generally caused by a variety of factors including;

  • Excess consumption of salt which in turn causes fluid retention
  • Allergies which may cause inflammation and swelling
  • Sinus infections or problems
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of sleep and fatigue
  • Stress
  • Crying


If it wasn’t any more obvious, aging plays a huge part in causing puffy under eyes. Aging causes fatty tissue which usually protects the eye inside the bony eye socket to push forward to fill in spaces under the eye. Mostly, this happens due to the thinning of the septum membrane caused by aging.

Inherited facial features

Sadly, some people develop puffy under eyes just because it’s a trait that runs in the family.

Why do I have puffy eyes when I wake up?

When we sleep, we don’t blink. Without blinking, fluid easily settles under the eye and this is part of the reason we get puffy eyes. The non-blinking and closed state of the eyelids may affect people with puffy under eye problem. This is the reason some people might wake up with unusually puffy and swollen eyes. After a few blinks, your eyes start getting their shape back.

Blinking does to the eyes what walking does for legs. When idle, some people can start to swell in the legs, which goes away after walking. This is because muscles trap fluids (edema) and get it back into circulation as soon as you start walking. This similar action takes place in the eyelids.

Is Puffy Eyes a Skin Condition?

If swollen eyelids occur suddenly, it could be signaling a medical problem. However, dark circles and puffy eyes can happen to any of us with any of the reasons mentioned above. A common eye disease that may cause swollen eyelids is thyroid disease. Additionally, eye allergies can also play a part in puffy under eyes. Some special types of allergies like a reaction to chemicals or a certain type of food has been known to alter the shape of your eyes. During these allergic reactions, a chemical known as histamine is released by special cells. This release can cause fluid to leak from blood vessels. When this happens, puffiness can occur in the surrounding tissues including the skin under the eyes.

For most people, a condition like pink eye infection is enough to get the eyelids swollen. Some rare cases of inflammation from a condition called dry eye have been known to cause puffy eyes.

Extreme conditions like kidney failure and many systematic illnesses may cause swelling throughout the body, eyes included.

So, What to Do with Puffy Under Eyes?

To find the ideal solution for puffy under eyes, you must first be aware of the underlying cause. If you have a puffy appearance around the eyes that looks similar to your parents, then it could be hereditary. In this case, you may want to consider getting cosmetic eyelid surgery to get rid of the puffiness. Also, puffy eyes caused by aging can as well be eliminated with the right skin care routine or a cosmetic surgical procedure.

If you are unsure what is causing your puffiness, you might want to consult your doctor or dermatologist for advice.

Lifestyle Changes

Some puffy under-eye conditions can be eliminated without the need for alarm. For them, simple lifestyle habits can help.

If you are no longer seeing positive signs of improvement with your creams and serums, it could be down to a few bad habits. Hence, there are things you need to stop doing if you want to achieve a beautiful looking set of eyes. Check them out;

Cut on Alcohol Intake

You may have heard about the negative effects alcohol can have on your health. Just to mention, alcohol can dehydrate the body and more specifically, make eyes appear dark and sunken. This is another trigger of puffy under eyes. Excessive drinking also changes eye color to an unattractive bloody red. Avoid alcohol at night as well if you want to wake up to beautiful looking eyes.

Avoid Sunburn

Although sunshine is good for your health, you should be careful not to bask in the sun too long. With the rise in pollution to the environment, the ozone layer is no longer able to fully protect us from harmful UV rays from the sun. As such, too much exposure can have negative effects on your skin especially to most sensitive areas like under the eyes. If you must be outdoors, make a point to apply proper sunscreen or wear sunglasses with adequate UV protection.

This will greatly help you avoid dark circles and puffy under eyes.


As any health enthusiast will already have told you, you should drink as much water as possible. A well-hydrated skin helps in the fight against puffy under eyes. You might be surprised to learn that hydrating your body does not mean it retains water more. On the contrary, the body uses this water to address its most pressing concerns like easing eye bags or repairing muscle. So, help yourself to a glass of water every chance you get and enjoy all the benefits that come with a well-hydrated body.

Quit Smoking

Just like alcohol, smoking does more harm than good to your body. For starters, smoking dries the whole body including the skin. This is one of the most common culprits of premature aging. Unfortunately, the eyes are always the first organs to show aging symptoms. Smoking, in this case, is usually one of the biggest reasons why your eyes become baggy, dark and wrinkled.

Unless you can quit smoking, getting rid of puffy eyes can be an impossible task.

Gold Elements Skin Care for Puffy Eyes

The Gold Elements luxurious skin care collection has everything you need to get rid of puffy under eyes. Thorough studies and lots of research helped them come up with the best natural cure for swelling underneath the eyes.

Check out a couple of the best products;

Age Treatment Anti-Aging Eye Serum

The Age Treatment Anti-Aging Eye Serum is designed to care for the very delicate eye contour zone. It combines a healthy dose of vitamin and plant extracts plus trace elements of gold that to delay the signs of aging and give you a younger and firmer skin. This product is also perfect for other eye problems like dark circles and crow’s feet.

Truffle Infusion Eye Cream

This product is the perfect complement to the anti-aging eye serum. Also designed for the delicate eye area, the Truffle Infusion Eye Cream further moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes the eye contour zone. With it, say goodbye to puffy under eyes for a vibrant and younger looking set of eyes.

Gold Elements products can do more than just treat puffy eyes and dark circles. By using their targeted eye creams and serums, you also get brighter, more beautiful and younger-looking eyes in weeks.


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