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How to Get Rid Of Puffy Under Eyes?

Puffy under eyes, or more commonly known as eye bags, usually occur due to fatigue and stress. This condition adds years to your age so there’s really no place for it in your face. However, natural aging may also be the reason why women get baggy eyes. Fortunately, there are some simple and natural ways to get rid of this imperfection. Read on to find out what they are.

The Common Causes of Puffy Under Eyes

One of the main reasons why eye bags develop is because the muscles around the eyelids become weaker over time and this causes fat to settle underneath the eyelids. However, for some people, fluid retention is the main reason for the development of puffy under eyes. The other factors that may also be considered are changes in the weather condition, certain allergies, reduced amount of sleep, and heredity.

Medical Treatments for Puffy Under Eyes

If you want to get rid of puffy under eyes using medical treatments, surgery is your best option. Ask a few doctors and they will all tell you that the permanent cure for eye bags is eyelid surgery. Some of them will also say that your cheek pad has to be lifted up while removing the eye bag to achieve a dual effect. But if you’re not ready to get surgery just to remove the fat and fluid accumulating in your eyelids, they would recommend other treatments such as chemical peels or laser resurfacing. However, they’ll also say that those options won’t work as fast as an eyelid surgery.

Natural Remedies for Puffy Under Eyes

It’s important for everyone to know that there are other – and sometimes better – ways to remove puffy under eyes than going under the scalpel. You can practically use a few items in the kitchen to get rid of eye bags in a natural way. And unlike surgery, this method has no risk, downtime, or side effect. Here are some of the common ways to address eye puffiness:

  1. The Cucumber Technique

Cucumber has a natural way to cool and relax your eyes. Get two thick slices and simply put it over your eye. If you leave it there for a few minutes, you’ll feel that your eyes are not as swollen or puffy as they used to. If you can’t find a cucumber, you may use cold compress or potatoes instead. Green tea bags may also help. Simply chill them in the freezer before putting them over your eyes.

  1. Essential Oils

Lavender oil is a very popular cure for puffy under eyes. It relaxes the eyes and may even address certain allergies that could be causing the condition. Add a drop of lavender oil to a small amount of water. Then massage the resulting mixture under the eye area. For best effects, some experts will also recommend adding lemon oil and chamomile oil into the mix.

  1. Vitamin E

Get two or more high-quality Vitamin E soft capsules and extract the liquid inside it. Mix it with a teaspoon of chilled water in a small bowl. Dip two cotton balls in the mixture and place them over your eyes for 20 minutes. Your eyes will not just feel relaxed but also relatively smoother after doing this.

  1. Milk

Milk is another effective way to address puffy under eyes. The same procedure as the Vitamin E is followed. Simply dip two cotton balls in the chilled milk and place them over your eyes. Relax for 30 minutes and your eyes will feel cooler and refreshed right after.

  1. Egg Whites

Egg whites are great remedies for puffy under eyes as well. Beat a few egg whites until stiff. Then use a brush to apply it around your eyes. You’ll feel that the skin around your eyes getting tighter as the solution starts to dry. Your eyes will look a lot less puffy, too. Leave it there for 20 minutes or so before rinsing it off using cold water.

These are the most common natural remedies for eye bags. However, if you want to make things even simpler but still stay natural, Gold Elements has several products that you can use instead. The products in the list we have below create the exact same effect as the natural remedies above. It’s like using a wonder product that combines all the individual goodness of nature in one effective formula.

How Gold Elements Products Can Help

Gold Elements is the premier provider of luxury skin care products across the world. Our goal is to develop natural skin care products that are infused with gold and make it available to all women out there. Our products are well known in the United States, with thousands of customers purchasing every day.

The eyes are the window to the soul. Here at Gold Elements, we have products that are specially designed to eliminate the most common eye problems such as puffy under eyes, dark circles, crow’s feet, and more. The regular use of our products can guarantee you an effect that is comparable to, if not better than, cosmetic surgery.

If you don’t want any blade or medical equipment touching your skin, we highly recommend the skin care products for puffy under eyes listed below. We give our guarantee that you’ll see good results in no time. Love your skin like we do here at Gold Elements.

Gold Elements Products for Puffy Under Eyes

Gold Elements has done thorough studies and did a lot of research to find the best natural cure for swelling underneath the eyes. As a result, we have combined all the most effective natural ingredients against puffy under eyes and placed them in the following products:

  1. Age Treatment Anti-Aging Eye Serum

The Age Treatment Anti-Aging Eye Serum cares for the very delicate eye contour zone. It combines a healthy dose of vitamin and plant extracts that can delay the signs of aging. It also contains trace elements of gold for added efficacy. When used regularly, your eyes will look younger and firmer. It also addresses other eye problems such as dark circles and crow’s feet.

  1. Age Treatment Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Aside from the eye serum, Gold Elements also has the Age Treatment Anti-Aging Eye Cream available. This silky and light cream is perfect for the sensitive skin around the eyes, including the eyelids. Use it regularly to rejuvenate skin cells near the eye contour zone.

  1. Truffle Infusion Eye Serum

The Truffle Infusion Brightening Eye Serum is the best skin care product for that sensitive skin around the eyes. Its special formula combines natural anti-aging ingredients infused with truffles. This eye serum nourishes the eyes and gives it a youthful glow. It also moisturizes and strengthens the skin, thus making it resilient and smooth.

  1. Truffle Infusion Eye Cream

The Truffle Infusion Eye Cream is the perfect complement to the eye serum described above. Specifically designed for the delicate eye area, this product further moisturizes, strengthens, and nourishes the eye contour zone. It promotes luxurious resilience, radiance, and smoothness for a more vibrant and younger-looking pair of eyes.

  1. Virtuose 24K Gold Concentrated Age Defying Eye & Neck Cream

The Virtuose 24K Gold Concentrated Age Defying Eye & Neck Cream promotes pure luxury. Use it on the skin around your eyes and you’ll feel reinvigorated almost immediately. It can be used on the neck, too. If you want a cream that doesn’t just address puffy under eyes but also all the other premature signs of aging, then this is the product for you.

  1. Aurarius Virtuose 24k Gold – Concentrated Anti-Aging Eye Serum

The Virtuose 24K Gold Concentrated Anti-Aging Eye Serum contains natural ingredients that are perfect for the gentle skin around the eyes. It also contains traces of gold that is proven effective in battling the signs of aging. This serum removes wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines. It also nourishes the skin around the under the eyes to make it look brighter and radiant.

  1. Advanced Truffles Brightening Eye Cream

The Advanced Truffles Brightening Eye Cream is the sign of ultimate luxury. This product contains in age-defying treatments that are specially designed for the delicate eye area. It contains a mega dose of minerals that moisturize, strengthen, and nourish the skin around the eyes. This product combines natural ingredients with innovative technology to help promote that luxurious radiance that has long gone from your eyes.

  1. Advanced Truffles Brightening Eye Serum

The Advanced Truffles Brightening Eye Serum combines truffles, gold, and natural ingredients in one powerful product that brings back the lost resilience of the skin around the eyes. It also gives it a lifted and more youthful look. Furthermore, truffles are known to create a protective film around the eyes and keep it moisturized all day long.

Puffy under eyes will no longer be a problem for you if you use any of these Gold Element products on a regular basis. Applying them to the skin around your eyes is easier and faster, as it requires no preparation time than the natural products recommended above. What’s more, you get the benefits of the latest technologies in natural skin care whenever you use Gold Elements products.

However, there’s more to using a product if you really want to get rid of puffy under eyes. There are some required lifestyle changes that you should also follow. We highly recommended that you do the following things to eliminate puffy under eyes and make sure that they’re gone permanently.

Required Lifestyle Changes to Get Rid of Puffy Under Eyes

You may be applying cream and serums all day and night and still not see noticeable effects. This is because there are some things that you either need to do or stop doing before the effects of natural remedies set in. Follow the tips below and you’ll be well on your way to not just a beautiful set of eyes but also a healthier self.

  1. Cut alcohol intake.

You already know how alcohol negatively affects one’s health. Alcohol dehydrates the body and specifically, it makes the eyes look dark and sunken. Furthermore, it can make your eyes look bloody red. If you want to look beautiful in the morning, you definitely should not be drinking at night.

  1. Stay away from the sun.

Sunshine is good for your health, but not during hours when the concentration of the UV rays is at its peak. Morning sunshine is okay, but afternoon rays are not. If you must go out in the sun after 8 o’clock in the morning, use sunglasses with adequate UV protection. If you don’t, you’re making yourself prone to eye bags and dark circles.

  1. Drink up.

Drink as much water as possible. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, hydrating your body doesn’t make it retain water more. On the other hand, it actually reduces puffiness in most areas, especially the eyes. So help yourself to a glass of water whenever you can. It will not just help ease the bags in your eyes but it will also do a whole lot more for you.

  1. Stop smoking.

Like alcohol, smoking is bad for your health. It dries out your whole body, especially your skin. It is the common culprit of premature aging. You also know that when it comes to aging, the eyes are the body parts that show it first. Smoking could be the reason why your eyes are wrinkled, dark, and baggy. Unless you quit smoking, it can be very difficult to get rid of puffy under eyes.

Do all these and use the Gold Elements products recommended above and you’ll never have to worry about puffy under eyes or any other skin problem again. Gold Elements products can even do more than just address eye bags. By using your choice of a cream or serum regularly, you’ll get brighter, more beautiful, and younger-looking eyes in just a few weeks. For best effect, we even recommend that you use both cream and serum.

Apply the serum first and let your skin drink its natural effect. Then apply the cream to seal all the goodness in. After just a few uses, you’ll see how beautiful your eyes look and with absolutely no bags! Your puffy under eyes will just be a problem of the past.

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