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Gold Infused Skin Care Products and Where to Find Them

If you are looking for the best gold-infused products, you came to the right place.

Skin care has come a long way, and we continue to discover amazing ingredients along the way.  Such an ingredient is gold. Gold-infused products have risen and are the ultimate indulgence. This almost miraculous anti-aging product is a source of inspiration for skin care enthusiasts, beauty editors and beauty brands across the world. Thanks to its benefits, beauty companies are embracing gold in their products and is one of the most coveted ingredients in the industry, and for good reasons.

Benefits of Gold-Infused Skin Care

Anti-Aging Properties

We all age inevitably of course, but we all have a choice on how to go about reducing the effects of aging when that time comes. If you are concerned with the visible signs of aging, then rest easy because colloidal gold has got your back. The gold helps in re-texturing and repairing your damaged skin, unearthing a renewed and glowing complexion. Gold-infused products pack a powerful blend of active ingredients to help create a firming effect that also helps improve skin elasticity to give you that youthful look.

Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

For starters, colloidal gold has been proven to contain anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it ideal for healing conditions such as acne, sun damage, sensitive skin, and hyperpigmentation. Additionally, you don’t have to use gold infused products as a topical remedy, you can integrate them into your daily skin care routine and enjoy the benefits long term.

Protects Skin against Environmental Aggressors

Colloidal gold helps reinforce the skin’s natural barrier. Consistent use also aids the skin to defend itself against the many environmental aggressors. Whether you are a city dweller or you live in the suburbs, there is no way to escape daily pollutants that exacerbate the environment.

The same pollutants find their way to your skin and cause damage when you are unprotected.

As such, colloidal gold is a powerful ingredient to have in your skincare arsenal to help add a layer of protection.

Boosts Radiance

When it comes to good looks, colloidal gold has an intense light-reflecting color. Thanks to this feature, it creates a brightening effect which adds a radiant and luminous quality to the skin. With time, this revitalizing quality helps the skin to appear even and smooth.

Now, with the power of gold in our hands, we have compiled just some of a large collection of popular luxurious gold products from the Gold Elements store that you can utilize to refine your routine. We have listed the products in their respective categories and included a Gold Elements hall of Famer in everyone.

Without further ado, here are the products that could find themselves in your beauty basket after you are done reading this post;


  1. Aurarius Virtuose 24k Gold – Late Night Recovery – Anti Aging Night Cream


As I mentioned above, gold is pretty reliable as far as anti-aging is concerned. This famous cream is known for one thing, taking care of your skin while you sleep. It achieves this through nourishment and provides a mega dose of vitamins and natural ingredients that help restore and repair the skin at night. Sleep gives your body the chance to repair itself, and that includes the skin. The Aurarius Virtuose 24k Gold – Late Night Recovery – Anti Aging Night Cream tackles any damage that may be caused by external factors like harmful rays from the sun, the environment and other pollutants that you might be exposed to on a daily basis.

  1. Virtuose 24k Gold Concentrated Age Defying Wrinkle Minimizer


Another anti-aging gem, the Virtuose 24k Gold Concentrated Age Defying Wrinkle Minimizer effectively gets rid of the most common sign of aging – wrinkles. This special formulation comes with a specialized, precise applicator that helps you place it accurately on the targeted parts. This treatment packs a double action lifting formula which instantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This makes it easy for you to apply it around your eyes, mouth and specific areas that may have crow’s feet and laugh lines.


The Truffle Infusion Salt Scrub


When it comes to moisturizing, you have no option but to invest in only quality and effectiveness. The Truffle Infusion Salt Scrub from Gold Elements is just that and is the go-to for a soft feeling and smooth looking skin. This gentle product contains natural, salt crystals that are absorbed into a mixture of delicate nourishing oils to work on your skin and leave it soft and silky. You can find out more benefits of the Truffle Infusion Salt Scrub here.

Cleansers & Toners

Cleansing is very much part of the well-done skin care routine. With the right products by your side, you should be able to impress the person on the mirror and feel confident about your looks.


The Intensive Multi-Task Facial Cleanser is a go-to cleanser and a perfect product to have in your skin cleansing basket. A mild and light cleanser, it foams upon application to exfoliate, condition and rebalance your skin. It cleans the dirt, makeup from your face to give you a healthy looking, fresh and rebalanced skin. Grab the Intensive Multi-Task Facial Cleanser every time you want to make your skin look and feel amazing from a gold-infused and reasonably priced product.

Gold Infused Serums

Aurarious Virtuose 24K Gold – Concentrated Anti-Aging Eye Serum


Last but not least, the Aurarius Virtuose 24k Gold – Concentrated Anti-Aging Eye Serum packs a blend of gold powder combined with natural ingredients to nourish, protect and heal your eye contour zone. The trace of gold in this product is effective in battling the early signs of aging. Combined with powerful, natural ingredients, it removes wrinkles, crows’ feet and the fine lines around the eyes to leaves them looking brighter, radiant and plump. Everything you want from an eye serum. You can find this product from the Gold Elements store.


Adding some luxurious gold beauty products to your routine may seem excessive, but it can be a great way to brighten your skin and treat yourself to a beauty treatment you totally deserve!


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