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Gold Skin Care: Gold Elements vs. Orogold

Much has been said about 24k gold skin care products. Currently, there are a lot of brands available in the market. Your bucket of choices includes L’Oreal, L’Core Paris, Estee Lauder, and Gold Elements. One other brand is Orogold, although this one became somewhat infamous because of the company’s hard selling techniques.

Some people assume that Gold Elements products are rebranded Orogold products, which isn’t true. Gold Elements and Orogold are two different entities. For those who are not convinced, just compare the two products side-by-side. Gold Elements provides users with a younger-looking skin almost instantly. Gold Elements bears the mark of a true luxury skin care line.

The Key Ingredients

The Gold Elements luxury skin care products are made out of soft and malleable gold that follows every contour of the skin. It takes advantage of the heat conduction process. Its high-quality gold ingredient gently warms the skin after every application. Once the skin has fully absorbed the richness of gold, it reveals an unmistakable radiance. As the skin surface draws the heat, the face becomes healthy with a natural glow to it.

But we can’t say the same for Orogold. Looking at their website, the main ingredients of Orogold are water, botanical extracts, hydroxy acids, peptides, and vitamins. Then they just added some luxury and miscellaneous ingredients on the list. By luxury ingredients, they mean gold, caviar, pearls, and diamond dust. The miscellaneous ingredients list includes coconut oil, collagen, kojic acid, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid.

Just by that, it’s clear that Orogoldproducts don’t have gold as its major ingredient. Instead, it has a robust supply of hydroxy acids, which in turn, overpowers all the supposed luxury ingredients. As a matter of fact, it has at least 10 acids in its formulation, and it includes malic, citric, lactic, and salicylic acids.

The Overall Benefits

While Orogold focuses on hard selling their products, Gold Elements promotes its 24k gold skin care line by providing facials and spas in their stores all over the world. This way, customers can feel the real Gold Elements difference. Gold Elements don’t just do a product demo. They provide genuine care and luxurious pampering to the people who really want to look younger every single day.

Furthermore, Gold Elements doesn’t just use the best 24k gold skin care ingredients with truffles, which is another very rare ingredient used in cosmetics. Truffles are special kinds of mushrooms grown in Europe. They are used as the secret ingredient of famous chefs all over the world to make their dishes taste good. In cosmetics, truffles deliver high amounts of amino acids to the skin. These amino acids work almost instantly to nourish, moisturize, and restore the skin’s lost youthful glow.

We can’t say the same with Orogold. Even if we assume that they have a nice product, it was overshadowed by the way they force it upon their customers. In reality, a good product sells itself. There’s no need to push it too hard. People will naturally look for it if it really solves their problems.

Orogold Customer Reviews

The way customers react to a product is very important. It tells a lot how the product works. Sales materials can only do so much. It’s the actual feedback from real users that really matter. That is the real test that every luxury skin care product should pass in flying colors.

A quick search for Orogold over the internet doesn’t provide too good results. We see bloggers talking about how they were forced to try the product right at their store. When people agree to try it, they were almost not given a chance not to say no. The part where people have to say no is the most controversial part. It only means that for some reason, Orogold was not able to meet the person’s expectation of the product, so he or she begs off buying it.

Gold Elements, on the other hand, gives people a chance to try the goodness of real luxury skin care through a trial package. We offer free samples our online site, which you can take advantage of right now. As a matter of fact, you don’t just try one product. You get to try the whole Age Treatment 24k gold skin care line. Just ask for the trial set, and we’ll send you the very exclusive Gold Elements Age Treatment set free of charge. You only have to shoulder the shipping fee. Additionally, we also have the Gold Elements Mega Lift Express sample available.

The free sample pack of the Gold Elements Age Treatment line comes with six quality products that you can test, in your luxury, right at the comforts of your home. We will send you the Gold Elements Age Treatment eye serum, facial serum, eye cream, facial cream, and transforming mask. Also included in the set is the Gold Elements Intensive Multi Task Facial Cleanser. All these you will receive for free. You’ll only pay for the shipping fee. We want you to see how our products really work without any pressure on your part.

Try our Age Treatment Set now!

Gold Elements Genuinely Cares for You

At Gold Elements, customer experience is the utmost priority. More than delivering quality 24k gold skin care products, we want to help people address and delay all the signs of aging on their faces and bodies. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the type of treatment that you deserve – prompt, luxurious, and dependable.

Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of our free offers, limited-time discounts, and exciting promotions. Gold Elements wants every man and woman to look years younger than they really are. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive first-hand information on all the new and upcoming Gold Elements products.

Make gold and truffles a part of your daily skin care routine. With regular use, it won’t take long until you notice that enduring effect on your skin. You’ll look younger and more beautiful. You’ll also have a gloriously glowing skin. But more importantly, you’ll be a whole lot confident about yourself and the smooth and supple skin you’re in.

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