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Facials, and Why it’s Great for You

A facial is great for you and for good reasons. For starters, nothing beats sliding your fingers on your face and feeling the soft and milky skin underneath. That is what you get with a facial. While you may be the type who prefers to do your beauty routine at home, there is a lot to be enjoyed when you give the professionals a chance to show you what you might be missing.

A facial is more than just a fancy excuse to pamper your skin. On the contrary, this is the best way to care of your face, all 360 degrees of it. There are plenty of good reasons to do so, and the benefits easily outweigh anything else you might have heard.

You would be wrong to assume facials are not money wasted in the salon. Even if you are lucky enough to not have any of blemishes, acne, hyperpigmentation or anything else, a facial is vital for healthy and clear skin.

Additionally, this is the best way to find out what your skin may be lacking and how you can fix it. Also, you can find out how you react to pollution, hormones, stress and other internal and external elements.

Not to mention, a good facial massage with the right toners and moisturizers not only helps your face glow but is also a good way to relax thanks to its distressing prowess. If you are yet to be convinced, we compiled a list of some of the best reasons why you need to get a facial done as soon as today.

Facials Rejuvenate the Skin

As we age, our skin loses the same bounce of yesteryears. That is both natural and inevitable. When that happens, your skin is unable to recuperate as quick as it used to before. Luckily for us all, facials can help the skin rejuvenate. A therapist or face expert uses effective methods, quality products and the right technology to help improve your skin texture.

Stress Relief

Do not mistake this for a mere claim. According to a published study from Biomedical Research, a facial massage directly soothes the nervous system. This, in turn, helps reduce your anxiety while lifting your mood in the process. The many pressure points present in your face are connected to different systems in the body. When the pressure points are stimulated, the rest of your body responds in kind. Therefore, a good facial not only gives you glowing skin but also influences other organs and how they function.

Simply put, this is how your face exercises. And since it’s near impossible to identify all the pressure points on your face, it’s a good idea to let the pros do it for you.

Cleanses Your Skin

A well done facial will properly and thoroughly cleanse your face, which can be hard to achieve at home. This is equivalent to having medicine at home but you still need to go to the doctors every now and then for checkups. A professional is aware of your skin type and they will prescribe only what your skin needs to stay in shape. After a session of opening your pores with some relaxing steam, your skin will be clean to your liking.

Promotes Blood Circulation

You might have heard that massage improves blood circulation in the body. That is true.

What is also true is that a facial promotes blood circulation. This, in turn, helps your cells get oxygen and the right nutrients that come along with the blood. This is the first step towards healthier cells and glowing face.

May Treat Acne and Related Skin Marks

If you squeeze a pimple or acne on your face, you might scar it unknowingly. Acne marks are usually more stubborn and require a style just as powerful. Products for this type of condition must have salicylic acid for acne treatment. Salicylic acid is eventful and assists the body fight acne and scars that may form afterward.

Anti-aging Agent

Well, no one is getting any younger by the day. Having realized that, you then have to live with the fact that you have only one face. That means you need to take care of it properly. Making facials and massages part and parcel of your routine will benefit you as these processes help with cell regeneration and collagen production. The end result? A healthier looking and younger skin.

Detoxifies the Skin

After collecting dirt and other impurities during the day, your b0ody needs to get rid of all the unwanted waste and regularly. When this doesn’t happen, it could cause breakdowns. Hence, skin detoxification is absolutely vital. Cleaning your face using only your hands will clean it but only a facial can detoxify it. While at it, expect to come across some interesting ingredients such as antioxidant-rich creams, oils and sea salt that keep your skin smooth, young and radiant.

Eliminates Both Whiteheads and Blackheads

Extraction is an important part of any facial procedure. During extraction, a professional utilizes an extraction tool to remove every visible whitehead and blackhead on your face. All this without hurting your skin or creating lasting discomfort. Again, you cannot achieve this at home. Whiteheads and blackheads are both culprits as they clog the pores and darken your skin. So, wherever your skin takes a turn and starts to look grumpy and dull, it’s probably time for that facial.

Helps Exfoliate Skin

This important procedure occurs when dead skin cells are gently and effectively sloughed off the skin’s surface. When cells die and they are not removed, they like to pile on and hang around the surface of the skin. This makes your skin rough and dry. While you can exfoliate by yourself at home through scrubbing, a facial is usually more effective. Exfoliation during a facial involves the use of chemical peels that thoroughly clean the surface of the skin to reveal the healthy layer of skin lying underneath.

Opens Up the Pores

Living in the world as it is, it’s impossible to avoid pollution and damage caused by free radicals in the environment. For starters, your skin has to survive UV rays from the sun and other toxic substances sadly on a daily basis. When all these unwanted elements accumulate on the pores, they clog them. A well-done facial helps to unclog the pores through a combination of steam and skill. The results? All dead skin cells are removed thus avoiding acne and some unwanted skin issues and complications.

There you go, the benefits of facial treatment! This brings us to the question, how often should you get one? Well, it may depend on several factors that include;

Skin Condition

If you have acne, dull skin, blackheads or hyperpigmentation, any of them will determine what frequency you will need facial treatments.

Skin Type

If you have oily skin and you are highly prone to acne and other breakouts, it’s recommendable to get a facial treatment at least once after every two weeks. This should continue until the conditions calm down. On the other hand, if you have dry or normal skin, a facial once every month is perfectly fine.


Your budget is obviously a major factor in your skin care plan. One facial treatment is affordable but once they pile up, they will need some planning. If yours is a tight budget, try throwing one facial every two months somewhere at the top half of your budget.

Beauty and Skin Care Goals

If your goal is to achieve beautiful and younger looking skin for a lifetime, start facial treatments as early as possible. Follow a facial routine like clockwork and consult an esthetician every so often. If your skin appearance is the priority, then you don’t need too much convincing to take facials more seriously.

After all, is said and done, don’t forget to consult an esthetician every once in a while for proper guidelines on how frequent your facial routines should be.

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