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Does Makeup Cause Acne? Makeup Tips for Preventing Acne

Does Makeup Cause Acne

It’s not unusual to hear people ask, “Does makeup cause acne?” and other similar questions related to facial skin care. After all, putting on makeup essentially means wearing some sort of thin mask all day. Those who are used to wearing makeup all day don’t really concern themselves much with the consequences. But truth be told, a large number of them have to know more about proper makeup application to avoid potential skin issues.

Women, as well as men who have no experience in using makeup, should consider learning the basics first. It just might not be a good idea to put on makeup if not used properly, to begin with.

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Does Makeup Cause Acne? Where To Start!

Whether an aspiring beautician, cosmetologist or just someone who wants to wear makeup the right way, learning the basics is essential. But before even attempting to jump to advanced techniques, it’s better to take a detour and learn the “Don’t’s” of makeup application.

Avoiding risky mistakes that could compromise the skin’s complexion is a sound decision.

Keep A Healthy Foundation

The foundation in this context doesn’t refer to the foundation used in makeup application but the skin itself. It’s the very foundation of cosmetics because it provides the base to which makeup clings to.

A thorough skin care routine is necessary for people who wear makeup for the most part of their day. In fact, they should be a bit more stringent with their skin care routine. At least compared to regular people who only wear makeup occasionally; such as when going to a social gathering.

Skin creams, toners, and facial masks are just a few of the necessary skin care products that should be used for heavy users of makeup. Facial masks deserve emphasis because of its irrefutable benefits. It moisturizes the skin, clears it of impurities that might cause breakouts, to name a few.

If necessary, one might just consider using firming gels and skin serums. Does makeup prevent wrinkles and fine lines? Well, not really. Not unless one has a thorough skin care regimen that makes their skin young and resilient.

Avoiding wrinkles using skin care products and healthy lifestyle won’t provide absolute results. Old age is inevitable, after all. But reducing the number and appearance of wrinkles one ages is worth the effort. Everyone knows that obvious wrinkles are a pain to deal with when putting on makeup.

Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed

Without a doubt, a large number of people these days go straight to their bed after an exhausting work day. Sometimes even foregoing their social obligations to their family. Understandably, the modern lifestyle is one that demands a lot of hustle and stress. It’s an irony that technology, something meant to make life easier, is actually doing the opposite.

It might seem inconsequential to not bother removing makeup. This is especially true for women who are accustomed to wearing makeup the entire day. It might just feel like something natural and an actual part of their skin. However, this feeling of normalcy with makeup is deceptive.

There are going to be skin issues that are bound to appear later on. Pimples and acne being the most notable. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that makeup residue combined with oil released by the skin results in potential clogging of pores.

Wash It Off

It might seem fine to use the conventional way of removing makeup with soap and water. But the truth is that it leaves behind so many unseen residues. To make matters worse, soap actually dries out the skin. It strips the skin of essential oil that’s naturally meant to protect it.

Instead of soap and water, it’s leaps and bounds better to go for oil-based makeup removers. Oil is thorough because it binds with the makeup. Because of this, makeup residues stick to the cotton ball and are effortlessly stripped from the skin. There’s also one other benefit of this method of makeup removal. And is that the oil swabbed on the skin provides the skin with an extra level of protection.

The most common type of oil used for this is olive oil and coconut oil. Neither one is really better than the other. Both are equally amazing. Picking either depends ultimately on one’s preference on the subtle, pleasing smell. This is the aroma that sticks around after application.

Go Natural

There are numerous skin issues that come about from using makeup. That’s why it isn’t really outrageous when people express concerns over makeup causing acne or wrinkles. Some of the causes are actually due to one’s own faults and shortcomings. On the other hand, using makeup does cause some skin issues.

Plenty of makeup brands and variants today contain harsh chemicals. It’s a conundrum as to how manufacturers are able to get away with this. It falls into a consumer’s hands to be more knowledgeable in picking their preferred products.

The Natural Advantage

Going for natural-based makeup is just as important as using natural skin care products. One doesn’t need to enumerate the benefits of naturally sourced cosmetics. Simply knowing the downsides of synthetic ingredients is enough reason to put in the effort to pick makeup made of natural ingredients.

One of the most notable advantages of using facial skin care makeup that’s natural is that it minimizes the risk of irritation. Perhaps the only instance where natural makeup can cause problems is if one ingredient happens to be an allergen. It’s unfair to hold makeups made of natural ingredients accountable for allergies. It is a distinctive issue between different consumers. It helps to test out every new makeup before using them liberally on the skin.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to find makeup made entirely of natural ingredients. The same is true for skin care products. It also doesn’t help that manufacturers are able to label themselves as purely natural. This is when their products have less than one percent of a synthetic component. One way to avoid buying makeup with harsh chemicals is to find one that has a good reputation. A reliable line of makeup brand is likely to have lived up to their claims. A good reputation is indicative of their pursuit in providing high-quality cosmetics; ones that are great for long-term use.

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