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Aging Eyes: Dark Circles, Wrinkles, Crow’s Feet & Other Signs of Aging Eyes

One might wonder why most of the time, aging eyes and signs of aging in the eyes appear earlier than other parts of the body. Most people have already accepted this as a universal truth. But not a lot actually have an inkling as to why this is the case.

In order to understand why the eyes reflect old age earlier than other body parts, it’s best to take a closer look at it. As ironic as that may sound. The skin around the eyes is thinner than other areas of the skin. Even thinner than the skin in the neck and the back of the hand. Because of this intrinsically thin anatomy, it’s more susceptible to the cumulative negative effects of the environment. Natural elements like air, sunlight, and heat contribute to the aging of the skin, with eyes showing the earliest signs.

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Wrinkles And Crow’s Feet

The infamous “crow’s feet” that men and women of age dread is technically still considered a wrinkle. Fine lines and large wrinkles appear directly on the surface of the eyelids. While crow’s feet on the other hand are wrinkles that radiate from the side of the eyes. The notoriety of this wrinkle and its moniker came about from its similarity to the crooked feet of crows.

However, everyone has a different genetic makeup. This means that the appearance of crow’s feet doesn’t really appear the same way for everyone. What’s universally true, though, is that everyone who has it wants to know how to get rid of crow’s feet.

Old age and degrading regenerative properties of the skin is seen as the primary reason for the appearance of this sign of aging. But there are also other factors that contribute to a considerable extent. Frequent squinting makes these unsightly wrinkles appear even earlier than expected. Without wearing proper eyewear when under the sun, the glare will cause plenty of squinting.

Dealing With Crow’s Feet And Fine Lines

Crow’s feet and fine lines don’t manifest in exactly the same area. However, the science needed to be applied to minimize or eliminate their appearance from the skin is the same.

There are several physiological factors that lead to the appearance of wrinkles. Some of these include loss of elasticity and thinning of the skin. Knowing that eyelids are already thin, to begin with, it’s not surprising that further thinning out would have apparent effects.

To deal with wrinkles found around the eyes, one must use skin serums on top of their regular skin cream use. Skin creams can provide moisturization, elastin retention. It also encourages the skin to naturally increase the production of additional elastin.

Some consider resorting to Botox as a perfectly viable solution to having crow’s feet. However, for most people who have it, this isn’t necessary at all. There are other methods that can be used while in the home. Understandably, there will be cases of crow’s feet that can no longer be fixed by regular cream and serum application. In this unfortunate scenario, Botox is probably the best way to deal with the issue.

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Dark Circles

Some people get noticeable dark circles around the eyes at a young age. This is why it’s not a ridiculous thing for dermatologists to advise teenagers to start using eye creams early. Unlike crow’s feet and fine lines that may take some time to appear, all it takes for dark circles to become apparent is several consecutive nights of compromised sleep. That and high levels of stress.

There are so many reasons why dark circles are unsightly. For the most part, it’s indicative of a person’s bad sleeping habits and lack of self-care. Even though they are becoming more and more common to the younger generation. The occurrence of dark circles around the eyes is sadly becoming normal. But people accepting it as a symbol of youthfulness is far from ever happening.

Banish The Darkness

Prevention and reduction of dark circles around the eyes can be done through positive lifestyle changes. However, realistically speaking, a healthy lifestyle change can sometimes be an insurmountable challenge. At least for most people. The lack of discipline to break away from bad habits is deceptively compelling.

Fortunately, using the best eye skin care products and some clinic treatments can reduce the dark discoloration of circles around the eyes. The reduction of contrast helps a lot in making a person look younger. No more awkward, wrong age estimations from new acquaintances.

Using an eye cream with skin lightening feature is one of the most effective for aging eyes, yet gradual ways to lighten this part of the skin. Interestingly, it doesn’t function merely by minimizing melanin concentration. It also indirectly provides the skin with much-needed moisturization and collagen-elastin retention and production. By doing so, the skin normalizes and goes back to its usual stretched-out form.

Ideally, however, one can achieve significantly better results. And it’s from making the sound choice of living a healthy life. It’s a difficult undertaking. But with results that make all the effort worthwhile. Usually, knowing how to get rid of wrinkles in eyes is just the same as knowing how to get rid of dark circles.

Losing Eyelash Lushness

The base of the eyelashes is just like other parts of the body that grow thick hair. Like the scalp and eyebrows. Over time, they become less capable of growing new lengths. It may also lose the capacity to provide a secure hold. It’s a natural part of growing old that is inevitable.

Again, with positive lifestyle choices, the eyelashes can hold out a bit longer amidst the challenges of old age. It’s also good to know that there are ways to deal with this problem thanks to science. Eyelash growing serums are now available for the general consumer. There is a downside to eyelash growing serums. And that’s their base price tag. But then again, it’s usually worth the investment.

It’s also best to remember that these serums come with specific instructions. This is expected of a product that promises amazing results. Results that some wouldn’t even believe to be possible. Growing out eyelashes with the help of serums needs to be done with utmost care. The eyelashes are dangerously close to the eyes. For this reason, it’s also a wise idea to only go for eyelash growing serums that contain natural active ingredients. This is to avoid unwanted eye irritations from lapses in the application.

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