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Emergency Beauty Kit For Summer

We don’t know how this happens either, but sometimes, there’s just no time to give ourselves a good fixing-up. We’ve all been there. Rocking up to some event we got a last-minute invite to, hoping everyone else somehow looks like they just skied down a mountain in July. If you came to more of our parties, we’d have you covered. But until then, it’s time to learn which of your products can pull off 30-second makeover magic with our best emergency beauty kit.


Quit rolling those beautiful eyes. Of course lipstick provides a super-quick lift for your lips, but you know what else it can do? Put the life back into your cheeks. Dot a bit of lipstick on the tips of your index and middle fingers, then blend blend blend into the apples of your cheeks. Much like using blush, remember that this cheek color is buildable. Start subtle and gradually increase.

Face powder

When there’s no time to wash, dry, and apply foundation or tinted moisturizer for a fresh-looking complexion, you have to turn to the powder. Not only will face powder soak up excess oil to remove any unsightly sheen, but it will help your skin look more even and give it a bit of much appreciated glow.


Yeah. If you don’t have time to apply foundation, then you definitely don’t have time to moisturize. Believe us, we get it. Give your premium moisturizer a break from refreshing and renewing your face and instead rub a small dollop between your palms, then lightly apply it to your hair to smooth flyaways and rid yourself of frizz. A cream like Gold Elements’ Age Treatment Cream will even go the extra mile and give your hair a pretty little bit of sparkle, thanks to the trace elements of gold this premier formula is infused with.

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