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Dry Skin on the Face and How to Reverse It in 6 Steps

Some people are more prone to dry skin on the face than others. In many cases, this is due to some surprising factors you didn’t know could be avoided. They range from a change in temperature or humidity, use of soaps with harsh chemicals and skin conditions like eczema. Gentle treatments and the right skin care products make it much easier to prevent or reverse dry skin on the face.

Before we get to the prevention and treatment part, let us take a look at the main triggers that cause dry skin on the face. Most of these triggers will require a degree of effort from your end to help get rid of dry skin.

What Causes Dry Skin on the Face?

The skin naturally releases sebum oil as part of self-moisturizing. However, when too much oil is produced, it can block pores and lead to pimples. On any other day, having oil on the skin is important to keep it hydrated and protect cells from infection. When the skin stops producing these oils, it becomes dry. Dry skin will make you itchy and flaky with red patches and a few unwanted bumps. Also, dehydrated skin tends to look dry and rough due to lack of water.

Some of the potential triggers of dehydrated, dry skin on the face will include;

Dry air, cold weather, exposure to harsh soaps and chemicals and washing the skin excessively are just some of them. Also, an unbalanced skin PH, skin conditions, diabetes, smoking and sun exposure are also harsh triggers of dry skin on the face.

You can treat dry skin with different methods. The best option for your situation will depend on what’s causing your dry skin and how severe it is. Treatments can vary among different skin types; normal, dry, oily or combination skin.

How to Treat and Prevent Dry Skin

#1. Moisturize Every Day

You can improve your skin’s natural barrier function with proper moisturizing. This greatly helps in water retention. Grab a quality moisturizer, ointment or cream and keep your skin looking smooth and gentle. More importantly, add a moisturizer to both your daytime and overnight skin care routines.

Moisturizing has some great benefits when looking to treat dry skin on the face. For good results, moisturize your face right before bed and wash it off in the morning.

Depending on your dry skin, type or severity, make some trial and error before settling on your ideal moisturizer.

Ideally, a quality moisturizer should include the following ingredients, hyaluronic acid
ceramides, colloidal oatmeal or in high-end skin care, it can include colloidal gold. Gold has been used in skin care for ages thanks to its numerous skin benefits that make it popular among many skin care regimens. Be warned though, some moisturizers and other skin care products may contain drying agents and ingredients. These ingredients can make the dry skin on the face even worse. As a rule of dry skin, avoid products that contain alcohol, artificial fragrances or colors, dioxane, petrolatum or petroleum.

The D’or Facial Cream from Gold Elements, for instance, is a multi-task, gentle, moisturizing cream packed with refreshing ingredients. It helps to condition and rebalance the skin, leaving it feeling fresh, smooth, and healthy-looking with a potent anti-aging formula.

#2. Apply Gentle Cleanser

A gentle cleanser should be top of your skin care routine when treating dry skin on the face. For this, avoid soaps that consist of fragrances, colors, and chemicals. All these can irritate and dry out the skin further. The solution is to go for mild and fragrance-free cleansers or facial soaps while avoiding products that contain alcohol, artificial colors, and plastics.

#3. Exfoliate Your Skin

This is one of the most reliable ways of removing dead skin cells. When the skin makes new cells, it sheds out dead cells on the skin dermis. That can block skin pores when you skip exfoliation. When you exfoliate your skin, you are helping it clean away the dead skin cells so you can have much clearer skin. Based on your skin type, go for mechanical or chemical exfoliators to make sure you are getting the best results.

The Golden Salt Scrub from Gold Elements is a perfect exfoliator. It is infused with salt scrub and 24k gold powder for added luxury and to nourish the skin. Due to the elemental properties of gold, it makes the skin more radiant and gives it a healthy glow. After your salt scrub, you’ll feel clean, exfoliated, and rejuvenated like never before.

#4. Practice Better Bathing Habits

People with dry skin should always avoid making it worse with their bathing habits. For many skin types, including dry skin, bathing with hot water is a big no. Hot water has been known to strip off the skin of its natural oils. Also, spending too much time in the sun can lead to loss of sebum. As such, dermatologists recommend using lukewarm water while bathing and washing. After you are done washing your face, apply your moisturizer immediately to lock in moisture.

#5. Use a Humidifier

If you are constantly under an air condition system (AC), then you might consider a humidifier. An air condition system takes moisture from the air and from your skin. If you already have dry skin on the face, you might want to limit the use of AC and heating and instead go for a humidifier. This can help add some moisture back to the air while indoors.

#6. Medical Consultation

If your dry skin on the face is not showing improvement, you can always try professional help. For any underlying skin conditions you might have, you can get all the medical assistance necessary. By paying a visit to a skin care expert, dermatologist or doctor, you can get all the skin care help you need. Since they understand your skin better, you can get the right products with ingredients that work best for you

Bottom Line

Although you are not always to blame for dry skin on the face, there is much you can do to reverse or prevent dryness. While environmental and lifestyle factors all contribute greatly to such predicaments, you can always follow these tips to get a turnaround. If your dry skin does not improve or becomes worse than before, it’s time to pay your doctor or dermatologist a quick visit.


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