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Ditch these products, pronto

We’re as guilty of it as anybody. Once we’ve made the investment of buying something, we’re probably going to use it until it can’t be used anymore. We have seriously owned a pair of high-top Nikes so long that they’re actually cool again. They were a mistake then, and they’re a mistake now, but they’re on-trend, and we already spent the eighty bucks, so. Yep. Ask us about our hair crimper.

Nevertheless, do as we say and not as we occasionally do, because these next few products are ones you need to get out of your shower and out of your life, pronto.

Anti-bacterial soaps

Yes, your mother or your Nana probably already forwarded you an article on how harmful anti-bacterial soaps can be, but did you really read it? We’ll give you the gist of it now: anti-bacterial soaps contain a chemical called triclosan which has been concretely linked to hormone disruption as well as, of course, antibiotic resistance. Not only can it harm you up close, but it also makes its way into the water supply. From there it is able to wreak havoc on good bacteria. Plain old soap will do you just fine.


Look, we hate to ring the cancer alarm bell since it seems like these days every single thing on earth causes cancer, but with cancer rates as high as they are we can’t not tell you about this. Parabens are preservatives present in a lot of beauty products that have been linked to hormone disruption and cancer. Better safe than sorry.


Look, we love a scrub more than most people. Possibly more than any people. But microbeads don’t disintegrate and as a result they’re junking up the oceans and doing harm to fish and all kinds of wildlife. Plus you know what else? They don’t work that well. Replace your microbeads with a high-quality, natural scrub that will be kind to your skin and kind to the environment. We recommend the Gold Elements Golden Salt Scrub.

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