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8 Common Causes of Dark Circles under the Eyes

If you are curious about the cause of dark circles under your eyes, you came to the right place. Worry not though, because dark circles are not an actual health problem. However, although they are more common in aging skin, they can still show up prematurely for different reasons. If you are uncertain about what’s causing your under-eye skin to get darker, keep reading to learn the common causes of dark circles.

At their worst, dark circles under the eyes can make you look tired, unhealthy, or older than you are. Of course, many people would prefer not to have dark circles at all.

So What Causes Dark Circles?

Several factors can contribute to dark circles. Some of the common causes are natural, while lifestyle choices cause others. They include;

#1. Aging

The most obvious cause of dark circles is aging. While aging is inevitable, it comes with some changes that directly affect the skin. As we age, our skin loses a significant amount of elasticity and thickness. The loss happens when the body is unable to keep producing fat and collagen, the two crucial ingredients that help the skin stay firm and youthful-looking. When this happens, the dark blood vessels under the skin become more visible and cause the skin under your eyes to darken.

To battle dark circles caused by aging skin, there are a few reliable skincare products you can use.

For instance, the Age Treatment Anti-Aging Eye Cream from Gold Elements packs some powerful ingredients designed to battle the signs of aging. Its silky and light consistency makes for an easy and gentle application. This makes the cream perfect for the sensitive skin around your eyes and eyelids.

For more age treatment, the Age Treatment Complete Set has everything you need to battle the common signs of aging. It packs six amazing skincare products, including some popular creams and serums that will take care of all your skincare needs.

#2. Fatigue/Tiredness

A variety of factors can cause fatigue. They can include oversleeping, extreme tiredness, or just staying way up past your bedtime hours. All these reasons will give you dark circles under your eyes. Of all these factors, sleep deprivation is one thing you want to avoid. Too much sleep deprivation may cause your skin to darken or turn pale. Consequently, dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin start to show. Additionally, lack of sleep causes fluid to build up under the eyes, causing them to become puffy. As a result, some of the dark circles you see come from shadows cast by your swollen eyelids.

#3. Eye Strain

Even during quarantine, staring at the television or computer for an extended time is no good for your eyes. Staring at your screens all day will cause a significant strain to your eyes. This kind of strain causes the blood vessels around the eyes to enlarge. Consequently, dark circles form under the eyes and become visible.

#4. Allergies

Sometimes, allergic reactions also trigger dark circles. An allergic reaction usually causes the body to release histamines to respond to possible harmful bacteria. When histamines are released, they cause uncomfortable symptoms like itchiness, redness, and puffy eyes. That’s not all; histamines also cause blood vessels to dilate, becoming more visible from beneath the skin. This creates more dark circles. Your dark circles can get worse with itchiness due to the increased urge to rub and scratch the itchy areas around the eyes. All the rubbing can further worsen symptoms like inflammation, broken blood vessels, and swelling. Without treatment, dark circles can become darker.

#5. Dehydration

When our bodies lack the adequate amount of water they need, the skin under the eyes can begin to look dull. This makes dehydration the main culprit in the formation of dark circles.

To avoid this, keep your skin hydrated at all times from both the inside and outside. Also, make sure you drink the required amount of water every day to help your skin stay hydrated. Drinking water keeps your skin looking good while keeping dark circles and spots at bay.

Finally, apply a specialized moisturizer to your under-eye area to hydrate your skin from the outside. The Advanced Truffles Eye Contour Wrinkle Treatment from Gold Elements is ideal for the job and is specially formulated for the delicate eye contour area. This treatment helps to effortlessly diminish the appearance of dark circles and balances the skin with a silky look.

#6. Sun Exposure

Spending excess time in the sun is a recipe for some bad things that can happen to your skin. Too much sun exposure can trigger the body to release excess melanin. Since melanin is the pigment responsible for skin color, too much of it can darken your skin. To avoid hyperpigmentation, protect yourself from harmful sun rays whenever possible and make sure to apply sunscreen at all times.

#7. Genetics

Just like many other conditions, family history plays a huge factor in developing dark circles under your eyes. For some, they inherit this trait during childhood. Luckily for others, dark circles can go away as they age. Unfortunately for some, it can worsen with time. Still on genetics, inheriting some medical conditions like thyroid disease can also cause dark circles under the eyes.

#8. Too Much Salt

You’re probably aware that too much salt is not good for you. Too much sodium from salt can cause the body to retain water, which can also result in puffy eyes. Puffy eyes make you look tired while forming shadows under the eyes. To avoid this, cut back on salt to combat puffy eyes and appear more refreshed.


If you have dark circles, there is no cause for alarm. There are plenty of methods, natural or medical, that can help you get rid of dark circles under the eyes, or at least lessen their appearance. For many people, the causes of dark circles could be temporary and caused by anything from lack of sleep to aging.

Luckily, there are enough home remedies and medical prescriptions that can help treat and lessen the effects of dark circles. However, the best results require a few lifestyle adjustments, the right skincare routine, and products. With consistency, you can stop dark circles from worsening over time and keep your skin looking bright and radiant.

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