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Skin Care Tips for Winter: Update Your Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Tips for Winter: Update your skin care routine for colder weather: While you are reaching for your favorite sweater and boots – you may want to reach for something else too – an updated skin care routine.  We love the changing of seasons, so you may ask why would you want to do […]

Special Skin Care for Special Areas

Although you wouldn’t think that something as simple as face washing would ever require scientific research, there have indeed been studies on the subject, and the findings have been surprising: only about half of all women cleanse their face on a regular basis. That begs the question: what about the other areas of the body? […]

The Appeal of Facial Peeling

Just like all living things, our skin cells have a life cycle. They’re always dividing and replenishing themselves to make sure we always have a fresh supply of cells protecting our bodies from damaging elements in the environment. The problem is that these guardians are themselves susceptible to damage. Not only that – the dead […]