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4 Signs You’re Over-Cleansing Your Face and How to Fix Them


Are you worried that you are over-cleansing your face? If it’s a yes, you have already experienced some of the earliest signs of an over cleansed face. Cleansing your face is easily the most crucial step of your skincare routine. But how much of this vital step for radiant skin is too much? Believe it […]

Blemishes and How to Get Rid of Them


What are blemishes? A blemish is an unwanted type of mark, discoloration, spot or flaw that appears on the skin at any given time. A blemish on the face is the last thing you want. It can be annoying and emotionally upsetting. Luckily, blemishes are mostly benign and not life-threatening. However, some blemishes may signal […]

Skincare For Men: A Guide to Skin Care For The Sophisticated Man


Just like women, men have skincare needs too. When it comes to skincare for men, it’s not always about vanity or anything like it. Oftentimes, it’s just all about maintaining the natural condition of the skin, more particularly its moisture requirement and nourishment. What’s great about the Gold Elements men’s skincare line is that it […]

Guide to Getting Rid of Wrinkles on Face


Everybody is prone to have wrinkles on face. Unfortunately, there’s no magic potion that can get rid of this problem altogether. But what you can do is to delay their onset. You can look up to 20 years younger than your age if you start taking care of your skin as early as now. Wrinkles […]

The Guide to the Best Night Eye Cream & How It Fits Into Your Routine


A good eye cream is every woman’s best friend. This means that finding the best night eye cream is very essential, regardless what your current age is. Experts recommend that women in their 30’s should start using heavy doses of moisturizing products. Doing so deters the early signs of aging. So nourishing the skin around […]

How To Get Rid of Deep Forehead Wrinkles?

Facial peel

Forehead wrinkles are tell-tale signs of aging. If you have wrinkles on your forehead, you’ll definitely look older than your actual age. It’s then important to find ways to reduce the appearance of these wrinkles or remove them completely. We’ll help you discover the many ways to address this problem.  Forehead wrinkles are also called […]

How to Get Rid Of Puffy Under Eyes?


Puffy under eyes, or more commonly known as eye bags, usually occur due to fatigue and stress. This condition adds years to your age so there’s really no place for it in your face. However, natural aging may also be the reason why women get baggy eyes. Fortunately, there are some simple and natural ways […]

Face Care Tips: Do’s And Don’ts Of Facial Skin Care

tips for facial skin care

Knowing different tips for facial skin care is necessary for having a healthy-looking complexion. The skin on the face is comparatively more sensitive than on other parts of the body. Case in point, pulling an all-nighter makes the face extremely oily and likely to develop pimples. Something that doesn’t really happen to the skin on […]

How To Take Care Of Your Eyes With The Best Eye Cream

best eye cream

The eyes are the windows to the soul. They are also the source of one’s unmistakable radiance and brilliant glow. Your eyes are a tell-tale sign of your emotions. So, it goes without saying that this part of the face is the most delicate of all. The regular movement of your eye muscles affects the […]

Product Spotlight: Truffle Infusion Set

Truffles in skin care, Luxury facial skin care, Gold infused facial mask

Aside from gold, truffles are yet another breakthrough in skin care science. Truffles are rare mushrooms that have been long used as the secret ingredient of the most expensive dishes of the world. Seek a famous French restaurant and ask how they use truffles in their cuisines. You’ll be amazed at how ridiculously priced that […]

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