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The Benefits of Truffle Skin Care Products

The discovery of truffles for use in skin care didn’t happen until a few decades ago. Truffles were widely used as a special food ingredient in different parts of the world since the ancient times. But unfortunately, they don’t come cheap. Truffles are rare and extraordinary. Their prices can go as much as $500 per pound. And that is why truffle skin care products are a bit expensive.

Truffles, when combined with vitamins and minerals, effectively moisturize and nourish the skin. With regular use, it gives the skin a long-lasting radiant glow. It also smooths out fine lines and erases wrinkles. There is no doubt that truffles are one of the most highly-regarded luxury skin care ingredients of the modern times.

The History of Truffles

While it is true that truffles were discovered a long time ago, their main use is in the dishes prepared for the Roman kings. It was only in the 1950s when they became prominent cosmetic ingredients. Italian entrepreneur Giuseppina Balestra started to make truffle beauty oils and sold them in his husband’s Mediterranean emporium. The customers who tried the oil swore that their skin looked so much younger after every use. Guiseppina called her company Sabatino Truffles. Her very luxurious truffle skin care product became very popular among the elites that even Oprah became a fan.

A Very Rare Ingredient

The reason for the high price tag of truffles is its rarity. For one, these mushrooms grow only between October and January and only in certain parts of the world at that. They are especially abundant in France and Italy although it will still take up to three days for one to harvest a pound or two of this luxury skin care ingredient. Truffles grow in the roots of certain trees. It’s edible part and potent part is its tuber which grows underneath.

Once harvested, the process to derive truffle oil from the tuber is just as painstaking. By nature, truffles are dry. Several extractions are required just to yield the precious oil that is used as a luxury skin care ingredient.

Truffle Skin Care is Luxury Skin Care

Truffles contain a hefty dose of essential fatty acids that heavily hydrates the skin. That is the reason why it can reduce all fine lines and wrinkles. The best vitamins added to truffles are Vitamins A, C, and D. Then the formula is usually boosted with antioxidants. Infuse very well together and you’ll have the best anti-inflammatory and anti-aging serum in your hands.

Truffles are mushrooms that are known to work harmoniously with the natural renewal process of the skin. Once it penetrates the deep layers of the skin, it relaxes the skin cells. Hence, a more youthful appearance becomes evident.

The super enzyme in truffle oil is called superoxide dismutase or SOD. SOD isolates free radicals and prevents them from damaging the skin. That is how truffles effectively make the skin smoother and younger-looking. Use a truffle infused skin cream daily and say goodbye to your fine lines and wrinkles.

A Closer Look at Truffles Eye Cream

The Aurarius truffle eye cream from Gold Elements is especially designed to nourish the delicate eye area. It comes with a mega dose of minerals and moisturizing ingredients to gently lift the skin around the eyes and give it a youthful glow.

Truffles have a distinct musky smell that gives the Aurarius truffle eye cream a luxurious scent. It is a light yet luxurious cream that penetrates deep into the skin, thus giving it an instantly glowing look and baby soft feel. With regular use, the skin looks healthier and more radiant.

Gold Elements Truffle Luxury Skin Care

Aside from the truffle eye cream, Gold Elements offers other truffle skin care products that you can take advantage of. There are eye serums, face lift serums, facial masks, brightening fillers, salt scrubs, neck creams, body butters, and a whole lot more. All work together to make your skin naturally beautiful and unmistakably younger-looking.

We highly recommend the use of the Aurarius Eye Serum along with the truffle eye cream for a highly boosted, longer lasting effect. The former is composed of a huge dose of strengthening and nourishing ingredients that protect the area around the eyes. It creates a film-like barrier that prevents the trans-epidermal loss of water while delivering rich quantities of moisturizing ingredients. The result is a more resilient, vibrant-looking skin.

We will be releasing a sample of our truffle products soon. If you want to be updated in it, please sign up for our newsletter!

Truffles and Gold: The Real Luxury Skin Care Ingredients

Truffle is just one of the two best ingredients of the most luxury skin care products. The other prized ingredient is gold. When used together, they provide the most powerful skin care regimen that any man or woman can try. Gold gives the skin that instant brightening effect. It leaves the skin glowing while tightening the upper layers of the skin to erase fine lines instantly. On the other hand, truffles maintain the skin’s youthfulness and radiance as it penetrates the skin. These two ingredients belong to the highest breed of luxury skin care products simply because they work from the inside and out.

No other combination can duplicate this effect. Truffles and gold are found only in the most exclusive Gold Elements products. Feel free to browse through our catalog of luxury skin care line and find the products that can address all your skin problems. If you’re lucky, we might just have a free sample of the product you want to try. We are willing to send you that sample at no cost, although you have to pay for the shipping fee. That’s how confident we are with the effectiveness of our luxury skin care line.

It is time, that you make that drastic change. No more drugstore brands for you. Better shift gold and to truffle skin care products, like the truffle eye cream, to end your aging worries. There is no better alternative to truffles and gold. They are two of the most precious luxury skin care ingredients that you must try today and use for the rest of the days to come. If you truly value your skin and want to look beautiful, radiant, and young, this is the ultimate product you’ve been waiting for. The gold and truffle skin care line provides you with the instant yet enduring effect that you won’t find in any other formulation. It’s the best product that money can buy.

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