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Anti-Aging Strategies for Younger Looking Skin

Nowadays, we have a wide range of age-defying options to choose from. From anti-aging lotions, fancy serums and multiple creams, your beauty basket is probably well stocked. All this is to help your skin glow and slow down the aging process.

However, some products are unable to prevent or fade fine lines, dark spots, and wrinkles. All these unwanted signs add some extra years to your face.

So, what are your reliable anti-aging options?

For starters, quality skin care products, alongside some smart lifestyle changes will go a long way to cutting down some years. With our experience in skin care, we are glad to share sometime tested strategies that work great. Most of them are time tested, well researched and approved by both dermatologists and beauty experts.

If you are looking for the ideal formula for younger looking skin, then you just came to the right place.

Our aim is to help you restore your beautiful, radiant skin. For maximum effectiveness, the tips incorporate simple lifestyle hacks with the very best of anti-aging skin care products.

What you get is a routine that promotes younger looking skin for today and some years to come.

Let’s get right to it…

#1 Always Clean Your Makeup Brushes

It’s impossible to forget to bathe, wash your hair or clothes. Similarly, you shouldn’t need reminders for washing your makeup brushes. Unfortunately, many of us do. Failing to clean your brushes is your first mistake. Brushes can accumulate a lot of different product leftovers and dirt. Consequently, you end up smearing the dirt to your face every time you use the brushes.

All these impurities and debris are bad for your pores.

To avoid this, use a gentle facial cleanser and clean your tools. Afterward, rinse your cleanser and leave it out to dry overnight. Do this at least once every month and your skin will no doubt thank you for it!

#2 Use Lukewarm Water

If you use either of icy morning rinses or hot baths, then you are doing it wrong.

One of the beauty secrets you might be missing out on is that the face likes it lukewarm. This is the best temperature to wash your face with. Using mild-temperature water can help constrict blood vessels and help reduce redness. Unlike hot water, a lukewarm rinse does not dry out your skin. While this may not be your preferred way to enjoy your baths, it is the long term skin benefits that you should be taking the dive for.

#3 Add Some Essence

Adding a bit of essence to your skin care regimen will absolutely do the trick for you. After cleansing and toning, sprinkle some drops of essence to your skin. This will help improve your skin texture and appearance for some added radiance. The right product should leave your skin noticeably brighter, smoother and more toned.

#4 Avoid Sugar Flavoured ‘Healthy’ Drinks

You may have heard that coconut water hydrates better than tap water, almond milk is nicer than dairy or than green juice is the key to long life. If you know that, then you must know that too much sugar is a big no-no. Stay on the lookout for hidden sugars in many popular ‘healthy’ drinks. These extra sugars may cause inflammation or breakouts on the skin. Before drinking anything, take a second to read the ingredients. If you are not happy with them, pick your own safe route.

#5 Find Your Perfect Serum for Your Skin

You can’t talk about a perfect age-defying routine without throwing in a serum. A face serum is an important player in any anti-aging routine. To find the perfect serum for you, know your skin requirements and find the product that solves your issues. If you have a dull skin that could use a proper dose of radiance, look no further than the Age Treatment Face Serum from Gold Elements. This product packs a special formula which repairs and heals your skin. Its powerful dose of vitamins and minerals clears the skin to rid it of blemishes and unwanted wrinkles. The results are skin that looks healthier, smoother, youthful and luminous.

#6 Never Ignore the Neck and Hands

Your neck and hands are unapologetic tellers of age. Ignoring them in your skin care routine comes with the highest repercussions. The general rule is to treat both with the same attention you give your face. Pamper your hands and neck with the best products you can get your ‘hands’ on. Applying some much-needed moisture to those often ignored areas will present some huge benefits to your overall skin health.

I usually recommend anti-aging products created specifically for the neck for maximum benefits. The Truffle Infusion Brightening Neck Cream from Gold Elements, for instance, is one of those products. The cream provides the neck area with youthful-looking firmness while reducing the visibility of wrinkles. Incorporating a signature truffle infusion plus innovative breakthrough technology, you get to enjoy luxurious resilience, smoothness, and radiance for a vibrant, lifted, youthful look.

#7 Reduce Wrinkles

Exfoliation, Botox, soft tissue fillers and facelifts are just some of the most used wrinkle-busting techniques around. Depending on preference or budget, many opt for a Botox injection, facelift or just the reliable exfoliation to peel away the wrinkles.

#8 Switch Up Your Day & Night Moisturizers

Mix it up with your day and night moisturizers and see what happens. Use a different moisturizer during the day and boost it with a varying night cream. For instance, your night cream could be thicker to provide the right hydration overnight. Find the right formula for every skin issue you might have for consistent and even results. Switching between quality and specific products allows you to address common issues that may plague the skin either during the day or night. During the day, you are more worried about your skin being radiant and smooth. At night, you have to avoid poorly hydrated skin to avoid dryness.

#9 Consult a Dermatologist or Skin Professional

While you can achieve quite a lot by yourself, don’t shut out the skincare pros! Get in touch with your dermatologist, skin care professional or facialist for an exfoliation or cleansing session. A proper facial by a trusted pro invigorates the skin and gives it a well-deserved, youthful glow.

#10 Keep Your Skin Hydrated

As we age, our skin struggles to keep all its moisture content. Additionally, cell metabolism slows down, hormones change and the outer skin layer breaks down. You can start restoring the water content of your skin through hydrating. You can achieve with the right non-comedogenic products (products that never block pores) and healthy habits like drinking the right dose of water. Meanwhile, avoid anything that can ruin all those hydration efforts like harsh soaps which tend to dry the skin even more. The product ingredients should be dermatologist approved too. Sunscreen, urea, lipids, hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants like Vitamin C are universally accepted and good for you.

Bottom Line

The fact is, aging is inevitable. Luckily, there is a lot you can do to look great instead of letting your skin sag helplessly. Quality skin care products, combined with the hacks we mentioned above will help maintain smoother skin, add some youth, glow, and radiance to your skin. Of course, some of these anti-aging procedures will cost you some pennies, but the results are visibly worth it!


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