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A Skin Care Guide to Prevent and Treat Clogged Pores

If you are looking for ways to prevent and treat clogged pores, it means you are already fed up with all that skin dullness. Clogged pores can occur on your nose, chin and other areas of your face to unwanted effects. Whether you have oily, dry, normal or combination skin, clogged pores can attack anyone at any time. Here, we outline the causes of clogged pores, how to prevent and treat them to maintain clear skin at all times.

What Are Clogged Pores?

To understand how to prevent and treat clogged pores, you have to understand what they are and how they occur. For starters, pores are the openings in the skin that release sweat and oil. They are mostly visible on the oily areas of the face like the nose and chin. When the skin releases dead skin cells as part of its natural process of renewal, they surface on the skin’s outermost layer. Consequently, this allows new skin cells to be generated underneath. However, when the skin produces too much oil for any reason, it becomes bad news for pores. All this excess oil, dead skin, dirt and debris on the skin surface can stick to the sides of single pores and cause them to get clogged up.

What Do Clogged Pores Look Like?

A pore is an opening on the skin usually wider than 0.2 square millimeters. When pores become clogged with all that dirt and oil, they usually become enlarged and start to become more visible.

A clogged pore can enlarge to up to three times the normal size. In many cases, you are able to see the buildup within the pores firsthand. The process to prevent and treat clogged pores starts with removing the dead skin cells through skin care routines like exfoliation.

The Main Causes of Clogged Pores

The excess oil and dead skin cells is a bad combination for your pores. Just like dirt and debris, pollution and other environmental aggressors, these are some of the main causes of clogged pores;

#1. Excess Oil Production

Our skin’s natural process of producing oil is sometimes undone by overproduction. When the skin produces excess oil (sebum), it is sometimes trapped in the skin to cause clogged pores. Before treating clogged pores caused by excess sebum, try to determine the causes of the overproduction first. Although it may not always contribute to clogged pores directly, it will definitely make pores more visible.

#2. Leftover Make-Up

On many occasions, makeup can be a nuisance to pores especially when left overnight. Leftover makeup can get trapped in skin and cause clogging. To avoid this, make sure you cleanse your skin before sleeping. For this, you can use a makeup remover or cleanser to effectively clean your skin. This is one of the vital skin care steps when your aim is to prevent and treat clogged pores. Also, make sure to cleanse your makeup remover to remove impurities and makeup debris that builds up with time. The Aurarius Professional Cleansing Foam from Gold Elements unclogs the pores, removes makeup, and keeps the skin balanced.

#3. Bedsheets and Pillowcases

Where you sleep and what you sleep on can affect your pores. Everything from makeup, hair products, oil, bedsheets and pillowcases can absorb dirt and impurities. All that dirt may finally end up on your face. To be on the safe side, make a point of frequently washing your sheets and pillowcases and keep everything clean.

#4. Pollution

Your skin will come in contact with pollutants and aggressors in today’s environment. In your mission to prevent and treat clogged pores, take all the necessary steps to protect yourself from these pollutants. At worst, these pollutants can cause skin to become irritated while also getting trapped within the pores.

#5. Your Skin Type

Although you don’t get to choose your genetics, you should be aware of how your skin type can trigger clogged pores. Oily skin types, for instance, are more vulnerable to clogged pores than others. This is because oily skin is already producing excess oils which might contribute to clogged pores. As such, oily skin types also tend to have more visible pores than others because the excess sebum causes the pores to expand. If you have oily skin and are looking to prevent and treat clogged pores, finding a way to remove the excess oil will be your highest priority.

How to Prevent Clogged Pores

The first step to prevent clogged pores is to get rid of dead skin, debris and impurities before the damage is done. When dead skin builds up on the dermis, pores become visible and more enlarged. This can cause the skin to appear both dull and rough looking. As a way to prevent and treat clogged pores, simply follow these vital skin care tips.

1. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is the most vital step when you want to both prevent and treat clogged pores. Exfoliation helps clear the dead skin and debris while boosting the skin’s renewal process.

Look for a quality exfoliating scrub or use a formula with Salicylic acid or a quality chemical exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. If you are using an exfoliating scrub, be gentle and massage the skin gently. Over scrubbing or scrubbing too hard is a big no-no. This can cause further damage or unwanted irritation and may even trigger the skin to produce even more sebum.

2. Cleanse

Cleansing at least twice a day is a great way to keep your skin clean and free of pore-clogging dirt. The sweat and dirt you collect throughout the day means you have to keep the skin clean and free. This helps reduce the likelihood of dirt getting stuck on your pores.

3. Remove Makeup

To emphasize, always make sure you remove makeup at the end of the day before sleeping to prevent the makeup clogging your pores overnight. This is almost the most important step to prevent and treat clogged pores.

4. Use the Right Moisturizer

When it comes to moisturizers and other various skin care products, make sure they are non-comedogenic. This means they will not clog pores. For people with oily skin, you might want to look for a formula that targets and regulates your already oily and shiny skin. The Royal “White Pearl” Facial Cream from Gold Elements is a multi-task, gentle, moisturizing cream with refreshing ingredients, which assists in counteracting the external evidences of skin aging.

5. Stop Over Touching the Face

Avoid touching your face too much throughout the day to avoid transferring impurities and dirt to your face.

How to Treat Clogged Pores

Cleanse your skin once in the morning and again in the evening after a long day of hard work. Add that to your weekly routine to prevent and treat clogged pores and get the best results for your skin.

For this, find an exfoliating or a detoxifying mask to help purify your skin. If your pores are always clogged, they can always be expertly extracted. However, do not pick them yourself as this can cause more irritation or dark spots. Consult your dermatologist for any advice you might need to balance your skin and avoid clogged pores.

Bottom Line

After taking the necessary steps to prevent clogged pores but they still appear, keep exfoliating and cleansing. These are the best-known ways of getting rid of excess oil and dirt that gathers throughout the day. With the right skin care routine and right skin care products by your side, you can get clear skin for the longest time.


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