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10 Vital Skin Care Tips That Will Transform Your Skin

What if I told you about some easy-to-do tips that will transform your skin? Even better, a detailed guide to getting a better version of your skin. Of course, this might sound ambitious considering the overwhelming nature of the skincare world. For starters, new and innovative products with ‘secret, must-have ingredients’ are always popping up everywhere and can add to the confusion.

With such a dilemma, you could do yourself a lot of good with some timely advice.

Luckily, we are always on standby to point you in the right direction and share everything we know to help your skin look its best. Along with quality products and the right discipline, get ready for some easy-to-do tips that will transform your skin. To help you navigate all that beauty jargon on your relentless quest for perfect skin. Check out our favorite tips and tricks!

Know Your Skin Type

One of the many vital tips that will transform your skin is knowing your own type. As such, the first thing to do before you plan any skin care routine is to know your skin type. This is one of the most important if not the best thing you can do for your skin. If you are not sure where your skin falls, there are simple tests you can perform to help you determine whether you have normal, sensitive, mature, dry, oily or combination skin.

Without knowing your skin type, you could end up compromising your skin’s natural balance by using products that don’t match your skin demands. Using the wrong products may trigger irritation, cause inflammation, breakouts and even accelerate premature signs of aging. It is also important to note that your skin type may change over different seasons. Factors like weather and environment may have a notable effect on your skin as well. Dermatologists agree that the best thing to do is to listen to your skin or consult an expert to avoid any mishaps.

Learn to Layer Your Products the Right Way

Another important step in our skincare tips that will transform your skin is knowing how to layer products the right way. Proper layering means proper absorption. If you don’t layer products correctly, you will fail to appreciate the maximum benefits your skin care products are meant to offer. The skincare rule of thumb suggests the right way is to apply lighter formulas ahead of thicker ones. This allows lighter products to absorb better and faster without any barrier from heavier formulas. This also helps to avoid piling. This means you won’t have to worry about the tiny balls that form when you use too much product.

Do Not Overuse Products

If your goal is to follow the skincare tips that will transform your skin to the letter, then you will do yourself a lot of good by practicing moderation. For instance, applying too much moisturizer can end up piling or worse, blocking your pores. Clogged pores are the last thing you want especially if you are acne-prone.

Additionally, this is a waste of a good product, money and time considering your skin will not use it all anyway. If you are not sure about the right amount of product to use, you can always follow this portion guide to be on the safe side.

Make Sure to Double Cleanse

Ever stopped to wonder why many skincare experts insist on double cleansing? Double cleansing helps to get rid of all the dirt, oil, bacteria and debris that builds up on your skin throughout the day. This leaves you with a thoroughly clean surface for you to layer your nighttime products.
Although different skin care experts may have different opinions and tips that will transform your skin, this is an area where skincare goals fail for many. On its part, double cleansing leaves nothing to chance, helping you avoid breakouts, clogged pores and potential skin problems caused by dirt and debris. I recommend the Age Treatment Cleansing Oil from Gold Elements for that. This cleanser contains a rich yet mild cleansing action that will give your skin a relaxing treat after use.

Always Do a Patch Test

If you want to take the gamble out of a new product, always do a patch test. A patch test is not only fast and simple, but it also helps you avoid any risk of irritation or chances of allergic reactions. To do the test, simply apply a small amount of product to your inner arm and wait. Next, observe how your skin reacts to the formula in a day or weeks time before making a decision.

Stay Away from Expired Products

Using products past their expiration date is a huge mistake. Expired products are bad for your skin for a few reasons. Sadly, our beloved skincare products are not immune to bacteria. Your most used products could be harboring bacteria that can lead to infection or irritation. More importantly, they don’t perform their defined tasks as they should. Worse still, expired products may produce harmful toxins that may be harmful to the skin and your overall health. If you have difficulty remembering when and where you bought your cream, serum or SPF, it would be better to simply get rid of it.

Sunscreen Is a Must!

If there is one thing you can’t miss from any list of expert tips that will transform your skin, you bet its sunscreen! Dermatologists and skin care experts will never hesitate to let you know that sunscreen is a must. Most of how your skin ages have everything to do with sun exposure and you. So regardless of cloudy, winter days, always protect your skin with the right dose of sunscreen. An SPF of 30+ or higher is always recommended to shield your skin from dangerous UV rays from our beloved sun. Do this every day and you can be sure your skin will be grateful for it.

Add Masks to Your Routine

Whether you are using sleeping masks or face masks, this is an important step of any skincare routine. Although associated with spas or girls pampering themselves, masks are actually more important than people realize. A 10-minute mask session in the morning will prepare your skin for the day by hydrating and soothing it. Masks are also able to address various skin concerns like oily and acne skin. You just need to find the best mask for your skin type and you are good to go.

Exfoliate and Moisturize!

Your skincare routine is never complete without a proper exfoliation and moisturizing regimen. On its part, exfoliation helps get rid of the dead cells that the skin sheds to make way for rejuvenating the skin. You can find some everyday exfoliators from the Gold Elements store.

Moisturizing, on the other hand, makes sure that your skin is always hydrated from the outside at all times. With the right moisturizer, dry skin and related problems will be the last of your concerns.

Eat and Drink for Your Skin

Skincare products aside, if your diet is not good enough, your skin will never be perfect. If you want that glow so bad, you need to be giving your body the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Similarly, there are some skin-damaging foods and drinks that you should avoid altogether. Simply put, some veggies and the right amount of water a day will give you better skin than a binge of alcohol and a box of junk food!


There you have it! It doesn’t take magic ingredients and products to get that glow back. This guide contains the most consistent tips that will transform your skin. Incorporate all these easy-to-do tips in your night and day regimen and say hello to a new, rejuvenated skin.


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